Mascara’s are a makeup item which i feel that you shouldn’t invest a great deal of money on. Primarily because i haven’t found a good high end mascara which can beat the regular drug store brands. I’m not a big fan of MAC mascara’s and have yet to try the Clinique lash doubling mascara (which by the way has got some great reviews on YouTube).
So anyway, this is a review of some of the popular drugstore mascaras in the market right now.

1. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara.
Pros:Well it definitely lives upto its name- it does give around twice to thrice the volume of your regular lashes. If you want a dramatic mascara which really does something for your lashes, and you aren’t going to be applying it everyday, this would probably be a good bet .
Cons: It definitely clumps, and makes your eyelashes slightly crunchy, which is something i absolutely hate.. Also, i dont really need too much volume, so thats why im not super blown away by it.
My verdict: Since i hate the texture of my eyelashes after i apply this, im gonna pass, but if you are a volume addict then this is your best friend.
Price: INR 275 or around $5.25

2.Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara.
Pros: definitely lengthens the lashes and really really defines each lash brilliantly. The wand looks slightly wierd when you first see it- its got a really long handle and the actual wand is slightly bent, but whatever it is it really works for me because it has zero clumpiness . I mean i was super happy because even after it dried out my lashes didn’t feel sticky, and the application was great as well without any clumps of black mascara around the edges of the eyes
Cons: If you are looking for big volume and colour- this aint or you cos it wont give you any of that
My verdict: Great for everyday wear i you want a hassle free , clump free , lash lengthening mascara.

Price: INR 310 or around $6

3. L’oreal double extension beauty tube
Pros: Well i guess one of the pro’s would be that it comes along with a primer , which is supposed to be a mascara base and adds to the volume that a mascara gives. So you get two products in one, but honestly i like this mascara better without the primer simply because the primer clumps itself and on top of that so does the mascara. Without the primer, this is a decent mascara which gives good volume and good length
Cons: As mentioned above, it clumps ! Maybe
im not using the primer right but i felt like that was actually adding to the clumpiness
My verdict: Eh…

Price: INR 600 or around $10.5

4. Lakme’s new mascara (Forgotten the name but its the one in the maroon packaging- no pics available!)
Pros: It feels like you have no makeup on. It keeps the eyelashes so soft and moisturized, that even after it dries you feel absolutely zero crunchiness. Also its definitely a very very intense black so i you want a lot of colour this is good for you.
Cons: Doesnt do much on the volume or length front, its more of a intense colour mascara suited for people with naturally good lashes and who want a light every day wear mascara.
My verdict: If you want a barely there feel to your mascara, and dont care about volume or length then you could give it a shot.

Price: INR 275

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