Guess top, Blingy Bag from another planet
 and Blue jeans

A friend of mine had a small partayy at her house the other night, and i rummaged through my closet and as usual said ‘I  need to go shopping!!!’. Coincidentally i also happened to recieve my credit card bill at the time and umm..well lets just say no more shopping for me for like the next 2 months. It was a good thing actually, because i realized i own so much stuff thats lying at the back of the closet and i never wear it…So this is what i found:
  1. Pink tube top ,elasticated at the waist – Guess (INR 900/20$)
  2. Blue Jeans- Street Shopping in Delhi( INR 800/18$)
  3. Silver extra blingy bag that will blind you- Street Shopping in Delhi (INR 300/6$)

Sorry about the self obsessed picture
I love this pink top, its very very flattering,it hides any kind of evidence of eating too many chocolate brownies,  and it was originally for 3 times the price but im a bargain queen and i found it at an export surplus store feeling mighty proud with myself. As for jeans, theyr not branded and actually very few of my jeans are, i find it difficult to get my shape in branded jeans. I always have to get them altered. So if you know of any good jeans that fit well do tell me, it will save me a lot of trouble going street shopping all around delhi and trying out jeans in shady shops…And this bag is one of my favourites- it like those big sluchy bags, except its metallic silver and you can wear it with just about everything. My friends call it my UFO bag because its so blingy, it looks like its from outer space.
Soo, as expected i had a ball and it was great fun catching up with school friends now that we are all  busy with work schedules. ..

Anyway, i also did a bit of shaadi (wedding) attending over the weekend , meeting all the aunties who are horrified that im unmarried at an unthinkable age of 23 and wanting to fix me up with rich punjabi business men.Apparently, the fact thast im 5.7″   tall AND i have done my masters will work against me cos its impossible to find boys more educated and taller than me!.. Haha, i had a good laugh at that.
I wore like a green and gold anarkali suit and this is what i did with my eyes using the Maybelline Quad in Chai Latte….I think Gold really brings out brown eyes- Makes them look very Bambi-esque!!!

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