Im feeling extremely garfield-esque and lazy today- its this rainy weather i tell you. So i will drown you in pictures and shut up. This is my first Outfit of the day (OOTD) post.. Tell me if you like it,tell me if you hate it, tell me what would you have worn differently.Just tell me! Love all your comments..

Long belted Shirt : Street Shopping in Mumbai (INR 400 or 9$)
Black tights: Incense, Delhi (INR 350 or 8$)
Grey Beret   : “Accessorize” , Delhi (INR 1000 or 20$)
My  current favourite nail colour : Colorbar Hot pink 
Can you believe that the most expensive thing in that outfit is that tiny beret. Why are these sooo expensive? I love berets on curly hair. Very genelia-esque Here is a close up of my bag- cannot live without it- it holds my entire life inside..
Black Woven Bag with Stitch Detailing : Street Shopping in Mumbai (INR 500 or 11$)
This is what i wore on a day of shopping with the girls. We went to a string of Malls in Delhi (Vasant Kunj) and i got so excited cos i saw huge posters for “Kiehls Pharmacy ” and “Forever 21” there. I really want to try out Kiehls hair and skin care products that i have heard so much about  and well you already know how i feel about Forever 21
.Anyway I ended buying a ton of stuff that i dont need( as usual). But I’m really excited about buying the MAC Blush in “Peaches” .I LOVE the colour- its such a gorgeous peachy- coral shade without being OTT orange and it will look good on pretty much every skin tone. So if you are looking to invest in a MAC Blush which is not pink, this is great bet. Aaah..cant wait for this to grace my cheeks !!! I also bought a Maybelline blush in “Sweet Cinnamon” which is SUCH a pretty pretty warm shade (Iv gotten over pink blushers- i dont really like em). I got some other random stuff as well- a Maybelline Quad, A Lip Balm, 2 pairs of earrings  and a Lipgloss from this completely unknown brand from Turkey  called “Flormar” which my friend warned me not to buy, cos she was like you cant put stuff on yr lips from random non branded companies. Specially cos these were just like tossed into a little basket in the checkout section and they costed some 100 INR (2 $) .She is obviously right, but then it was such a pretty colour and it was super lustrous and glossy and it gave my lips a very drenched , wet look that i love. And i wasnt going to be wearing it everyday anyway, so im happy i bought that. Im going to have to do some research on the ingredients in that thing to make sure its all safe though !!!

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