I am so excited girls, I read this today morning online at livemint –

“Fashion retailer Forever 21, one of the fastest growing chains in the US, will open its first store in India later this month at Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.
“We are yet to finalize on the opening dates and window (location inside the mall),” said Biju Balakrishnan, head of Hello India Retail Pvt. Ltd, the franchise for India. The chain is being brought to India by Dubai-based Sharaf Group, the master franchise for the brand in Asia..
The Delhi store will have a floor area of 10,000 sq. ft, a leasing executive at Ambience Mall said. He declined to be named because he is not a spokesperson.“The brand can work well in India as the country has a large young population,” said Anand Raghuraman, partner and director at the Boston Consulting Group, adding that they would need to customize products for India.
In the US, Forever 21 is known for its trendy apparel available at much lower prices than most branded apparel labels. It sells mostly among teenagers and young women.”
Yayyyyy!!! I love Forever 21 clothing- i dont know what they mean by  customizing their products for India. I dont want Forever 21 to customize anything- just bring all those clothes and accessories  the way they are, and hopefully at the same price (I hate it when brands come and hike up their prices here). Its so great because Forever 21 is such an affordable brand AND has super trendy clothes, cant wait for the store to open in Delhi. Ill be the first one there…India just got a little more stylish…  ;)
Go pick out your favourites at www.forever21.com !!

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