Yes girls, im floating around  with mini eyeshadow angels-  pretty pinks  and purples , alluring  greens, smokey greys and vibrant yellows. What im talking about is Coastal Scents 88 ultra shimmer palette. Now , a lot has already been said about coastal scents by pretty much every beauty blogger/vlogger but i didnt get around to buying it because:
1. I didnt know they ship to India
2. I assumed shipping is exorbitant
3. Im lazy
So once i got over point number 3, i realized point number 1 and 2 were completely false! CS ships worldwide and you can choose from over 15 delivery options…those details later.
Anyway my packet arrived yesterday, and i instantly sat around doing random experiments- these shadows are SO pigmented. When people used to say that these eye shadows are great quality, i thought they meant great quality for the price you pay, but nope! Its just great quality .Period. All the colours have fantastic pigmentation and each of those 88 shades are SO different from another. Ill swatch the shadows for you in another post. This is just me being giddy with excitement.
 I specially love the range of oranges and pinks  they have- theyr just so many (If yr wondering why someone needs 88 shadows, please refer to the ‘About me’ section on the right).There is also a very deep glittery purple- which is a fantastic crease colour and the silvers in this are so very ‘shiny disco ball ‘ like that im trying to find excuses to go out at night just so i can wear this.Im so excited about this purchase, and im not even that much of an eyeshadow user-  but i cant wait to start using them full time (My younger sis is shuddering at this because she is my lab experiment guinea pig).

My only negative of this would be that they are all shimmery, and sometimes you want more of a satiny/ sheen  finish and this wont give you that. But thats my fault really rather than CS’s cos they do make all types of them. I just chose the ultra shimmer one.

 I also got some other sampler blushes from CS – you can order samples just for a dollar, which is so cool – but i havent tried those out yet.
Ok on to the specifications ..
Price : 20$ (INR 900 ) – for 88 eye shadows, i think thats cheap- thats ten rupees a shadow- i mean come on!!
Shipping to India – Depends on the weight of what u order- if you just order a blush, then the cheapest shipping option is 2$!!!!!. But i ordered 2 palettes , and six sampler blushes (me and my sis both needed then- before you think iv gone crazy)- for all that my shipping was around 15$ (INR 700). Even though i opted for the cheapest shipping option, it arrived in less than a week ..yay!

You can buy this at

PS: Happy Independence day guys!!!! Im going full on patriotic tommorow and wearing India colours…hope you all have a fantastic day!

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