Foundations are those frustrating but essential make up items to purchase. Frustrating, because unlike eyeshadows and liners where you can test out the pigmentation and make an informed decision, in foundation you kind of tend to take a gamble. No matter how many swatches you try on in the store, its going to look different once its applied all over your face, in the sunlight, and throughout the day. Iv been trying out some drugstore foundations of late ,so i thought id just give a quick round up of what i thought of these.
1. L’oreal true match minerals
Cost: INR 870/900 or 20 $ 

Pros:i <3 this product, absolutely love it. Im a huge fan of mineral makeup- it just dissolves into your skin without feeling heavy and gives a smooth , sheer look. You dont even need to set this with powder, it works as a foundation come compact, and it does come in quite a lot of shades- there are some 12 shades i think. Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to try mineral make up
Cons:Kind of pricey for a drugstore product specially cos the powder in there isnt that much- and it also tends to fall on yr clothes and stuf when you apply, but apart from that, there isnt much going against this

Cost: INR 870/900 or 20 $ (Much cheaper
 in online stores such as

2. Loreal true match mineral roll on
Okay, so i was pretty excited to try this out- a foundation with a roller, i thought it was a pretty neat invention..
Pros:Ill give it that it gives a great matte, airbrushed finish with good coverage, the real problem however is with that roller.
Cons: That roller is not a very easy thing to use when yr applying this into the contours of yr face, like the ridge of your nose, or under and above your eyes- the roller will only make it look streaky and patchy. Plus, you have to really press down hard to load the roller with the foundation. Also, isnt it kind of unhygienic to keep using the same roller? Washing isnt a viable option cos it frays after a while.

INR 275 or 6$

3. Lakme Silk Naturelle Daily Wear foundation
Dont know how many of you have heard of Lakme, since its an Indian brand, but this is the one im using as o now
Pros: very very lightweight and sheer, which is perfect for this hot sultry weather, moisturizes without looking shiney and is a complete bargain.If you are looking for a lightweight tinted moisturizer then this would be it. Its great for everyday wear if you just want to even out your skin tone and are not looking for heavy coverage
Cons: Like i mentioned, more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation because coverage is low . Also only available in 3 shades which is completely ridiculous, though finding a match wont be difficult

4. Revlon Colorstay foundation

INR 740 or 16$

Pros: Deinitely gives good solid coverage, which can be built up  if required. Also it comes in 16 different shades which is amazing for a drugstore product. The finish is pretty nice provided its applied quickly , AND it does stay on the entire day. I mean i was amazed at how well this foundation lasts on your skin throughout the day
Cons:The formulation is very very thick. Something i hate in summers. Also if you have dry skin like i do, you will need to either moisturize before wearing this or use a damp sponge because it tends to dry out. Thumbs down majorly for packaging too, it would have been so much better with a nozzle, its a pain to get this out, and keep worrying about getting too much.

INR 860 or 19$
5.Body Shop Oil balancing SPF foundation
Pros: This is one of my alltime favourite foundations. This has the perfect light weight consistency and still provides good coverage. The finish is smooth and sheer without looking cakey, and it blends easily into the skin. Also i love the packaging- very cute and the nozzle really helpful during application. Definitely a foundation worth investing in if you find the colour that matches you
Cons: Available only in 5 shades. I found my match but i can imagine someone having problems identifying their shade. Also kind of smells a bit funny . You dont notice it at first, but then it has this wierd odour that comes from it after a while- nothing too strong that cant be handled though. Definitely recommended

So that was a round up of 5 foundations i tried this time. Definitely will recommend bodyshop for an everyday summer foundation, and true match minerals for a nightime summer foundation. Also, if you dont want to spend this much, then buy the Lakme one for everyday wear.
Wait for the sequel to this post- for another 5 drugstore foundations coming up sometime later.

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