I am not a very lipstick person. On most days i get by with just a lip balm, so there aren’t too many i own or want to spend much money on either. Recently a relative of mine came back from the UK and got me a whole lot of ugly makeup (sorry relative..lol), but i did find a gem amidst the rest. And this is it- The Clinique Blushing Nude lipstick. I have to admit, any lipstick named ‘nude’ has me interested. No, nothing to do with nudity- its because im obsessed with finding the perfect nude lipstick for brown skin. Most nude lipsticks either look like concealer on my lips, or like dark chocolate- both of which i detest. So, when a lipstick is called blushing nude and is a pink -coral-brown colour which looks natural on the lips, i cannot resist!

A word about Clinique lipsticks- I prefer them to MAC ones, because they give the same lustre/glaze finish and are ten times more moisturizing. I have very dry skin and lips, and these ones glide on so smoothly because o their creamy texture that it doesn’t feel like you have lipstick on. Its more like you are wearing lip balm but with colour. So two thumbs up for moisture factor- its the most hydrating lipstick iv ever used.

The reason im crushing on Clinique blushing nude will be evident from the pictures. Its a gorgeous colour which matches my natural lip colour- its a soft pink, with a coral undertone and has some shades of brown. Looks very different on the lips than the swatch- and iv seen it look completely different on my sister as opposed to on me The finish it gives is equivalent to MAC lustre finishes and its so supple and smooth that i dont feel the need to apply any chapstick under it either.
The downside- wont stay on longer than 4 hours. The dryer the lipstick, the longer it stays on- and the word dry cannot be used in the same sentence for this one.Thats okay for me, because i dont have a problem touching up after 4 hours- small price to pay for what you are getting! If you are buying this in India, it will set you back around 1000 Rs, outside it costs around 14$- equivalent to MAC lipsticks. (Its so frustrating when prices are hiked up by brands in India..ugh!)

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