So today was the big day!! Forever 21 opened its first store in India with a 10,000 sq ft store in Ambience Mall, VK, New Delhi., and i was right there in the middle of the action (Read :Chaos and Craziness). There were women EVERYWHERE!!! The forever 21 store in Delhi  is amazing guys- affordable clothes that are so SO trendy and fashion forward. Loved LOVED the dresses- IMO its the best store in Delhi currently, if you are looking for a cute dress. The Accessory section deserves a special mention cos they have awesome things there starting from just 150 INR (3$). Ok, ill let the pictures do the talking. More on ‘aweful organization’ later.

Above pic is from forever 21 india page, rest are all clicked by me

What iv managed to capture is only 1/5th of the store. Its Huge !!. Loved everything there but there were like an hour long waitings for the try room so i only picked up this owl necklace, a pair of earrings and a shrug. 
Forever 21 delhi price points
Price wise, Forever 21 is  still not as cheap as it is in the USA , but still decently affordable.
Jean leggings and denim wear start at around Rs 1000/-  and goes upto around 2500/-. 
T shirts start at Rs 199 and go upto around 1200/-
 Dresses start at Rs 999/- and go upto 3500/-.
Accessories are very affordable- start at Rs 100/- and go upto Rs 700/-
Blazers and knit wear start at around 2200/- and go upto 5000/-

.Ooh, and did i mention that everyone got a free yellow umbrella from forever 21? And 10 lucky girls from delhi won 21 outfits each from forever 21 worth 21,000 Rs I am SO jealous . Anyway , I am looking forward to more forever 21 stores opening in India and some more in Delhi as well

Okay, a word on the organisation- it was aweful. When the doors opened, girls just pushed their way through- it was clear that the chaos was unmanagable. At the Billing counter, a belt i wanted dint have the price tag, so i was told to go find another one with a tag (I had stood in line for 40 min- there was no way i ws gonna go out and then come back again). It was the staffs duty to find me one with the tag but they didnt. Then, the credit card machine was not working and was slow so billing took about  20 minutes just for me !. Plus though the Forever 21 sales girls were really sweet, they were taking billing requests from people clearly out of line. In their defense, you could say that there was  A LOT of rush, but they should have expected that given that India has been waiting for this for a while!! Shall show you guys my haul later!

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