I have been flooded with requests to show you guys the collection at forever 21‘s recently launched store in Ambience Mall, New Delhi. Initially i was going to go to the forever 21 store in Delhi to feature my favourite products but i havent been able to find time (what with all the raining and traffic jams and a minor disturbance called work) So i thought what better way than to start off with a haul ? This is a combined haul between me and my sis (who blogs at ppolitelypink.blogspot.com). Here we go :

Peach crystal drop earring also available in white, black, & green Rs 159/-

Forever 21 OWL necklace- Rs 359 (LOVE THIS)

Forever 21 Pink quilted wallet my sis bought this – Rs 450(Its a bargain!!!)

Forever 21 white shrug/cardigan with black lace detachable flower- Rs 1200 (pricey i know!)

Forever 21 jeggings(Jean leggings)- A MUST HAVE Rs 650 (Its a bargain) 

Forever 21 colorblock top with jewelled neckline Rs 1200 -Love the jewel detailing on this

I also bought an adorable floral print sweetheart neckline dress- which is with a friend of mine and i cant find it on the website. This is the closest to what it looks like:

Floral printed dress exactly like this but with straps- Rs 1800/-

I also bought 2 basic t shirts from Forever 21 Delhi– One in plain purple and one in brick red . Those cost 299/- and 399/- respectively. They are fantastic for layering- specially since winter is arriving , its good to stock up on some basics that you wear under jackets and stuff and the quality and fit they give is really good!In terms of price points, i would say the accessories at Forever 21 India are super cheap. Dresses are cheap too, if you compare it with other brands where dresses dont come for less than Rs 3500. The tops at forever 21 are slightly pricey and i am a bit dissapointed that they didnt stick to the prices that they have in the US. Those are much cheaper. Inspite of that though, it is still very affordable and the variety is unbelievable. Plus they change out their stock every 3-4 days so chances are if you think yll come back and buy something later its going to be gone!

Special mention to the SA in the trial room- she was  SO helpful and shes one the who sold me on that dress. Forgotten her name but she was super patient with me and my friend (who believe me can be a very annoying customer).So shoutout to her!

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