I mentioned this Body Shop foundation some time back in my drugstore foundation review post here. But i am compelled to write about it again since this (along with Lakme Silk Naturelle) is pretty much all iv been using the whole summer. Its the body shop moisture foundation with SPF 15 (They have a body shop oil free foundation as well-incase you have oily skin)

What The Body Shop claims :
“A lightweight moisturising, long-lasting liquid foundation, with SPF 15, that provides light to medium coverage with a flawless finish. Dermatologically tested. Contains Community Trade marula oil.”
Price: Rs 1095 ( 20$) for 30 ml
Variant: Oil free variant is available for oily skin and moisturizing variant for dry skin

Pros of Body Shop Moisture foundation:
Love the packaging. The nozzle is super handy to squeeze out the right amount without wastage (Take note Revlon Colorstay!!!!). Also, like body shop says this is very thin and
lightweight. I dont know if you can tell with the swatch on my hand- but its probably less thick than even moisturizer- something i love in this Indian Summer when i want to completely avoid being under foundation thats an inch thick. So think of this like a foundation with the consistency of a tinted moisturizer

Body shop foundation – one layer on hand and swatched not blended

2 layers on hand blended- much need moisture and hydration is visible
It blends beautifully into the skin. I have dry skin and it instantly hydrates the skin. Even on my hand you can see how hydrating this Body Shop foundation is – the skin on my hand looks smooth and mositurized with a slight shine without any sign of cakiness.Apparently it contains “Marula Oil” and thats what the oil is supposed to do. Coverage is low- medium but you can build this up and it wont look cakey, so i wont say coverage is an issue because its such a light weight foundation that even 3 layers of it is better than 1 layer of another foundation. Also having an SPF is always an added bonus right? It does last on my face for a very long time without melting away, but i work in an airconditioned environment so i cant say how long it would last out in the heat- works totally fine for me though.
Cons of Body Shop Moisture foundation:
It has a slightly strange smell that gets worse over time. Also 1095 is kind of pricey. But you do get 30 ml from it and mine has lasted me all summer even though i use it every single day. So this is real value for money.Also the shades available are only 7 . Im a 05 in this and only 2 shades are darker than that . That would be NW 30/35 equivalent, but for much darker skin tones-you can have trouble finding your shade. And, if you have very bad skin and need extremely heavy coverage i wouldnt really recommend this.

Apart from that , love this Body Shop Foundation .Will absolutely go and repurchase it, specially in Indian summer months .

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