The MAC Black Track Fluidline was the very first product i got from MAC. (At the time, i was a MAC virgin- and i bought this one and thought id throw in a brush or two – errr…needless to say, given how expensive MAC brushes are-i was in for a very unpleasent surprise at the billing counter) Anyway, moving on to the actual product- The MAC BlackTrack Fluidline is a gel liner which is a matte carbon black. This is the perfect liner for smokey eyes, and can also be used as an effective kohl pencil under the eyes as well.

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

What i like about MAC Black Track Fluidline:

  • The colour-LOVE it.. it is a true jet black and its completely matte.One of the blackest and darkest liners iv tried
  • This is very different from liquid liners that we are used to, because a lot of them are glossy  and give you a very defined and thin  harsh line when you line the eyes. Thats not what this liner does.Somehow, it doesnt look unnatural when you put it on with a brush- gives a thick smokey  look 
  • VERY Longlasting- i can wear it all day and just forget about it- no smudging!!
  • Its totally water proof- so go ahead and watch a tearjerker- yr not going to end up having panda eyes- or worse unintentional goth makeup.
  • It is the most versatile product ever- you can use this is a primer for a smokey eye look, as a waterline liner , as a tightline liner and as a regular eye liner. My absolute favourite product while creating a smokey eye cos it doubles up as kohl too.

    What i dont like about MAC Black track fluidliner

    • I have a bit of a difficult relationship with gel liners- so i dont particularly love the consistency, would have loved if this were just a tiny bit more liquidy so application was easier- im not really patient with the gel liner and brush concept.

    This is also a favourite of Indian and international makeup artists. Some looks using MAC Blacktrack Fluidliner

    Smokey eyes with MAC Black Track fluidline

    IMO this is a classic MAC staple- iv had mine for over a year and its just started drying out now after a year! Its sort of like the unsung hero of MAC, because as everyone is obsessing over their new collection- this is one that will never run out of demand, and i can see why.
    Cost: 1000 INR (20$)

    Dupe Alert!
    Coastal Scents Gel liner in “True Black”. The same onsistency, colour, and almost the same longevity .I have honestly not been able to find too much difference in the quality of both of these. Also some stunning stunning colours available on coastal scents for these. They cost INR 350 (7$) , and shipping is just a dollar so yay! Specially the one in turquoise, deep plum,gold bliss and grape vine are just divine!!

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