The much awaited MAC Disney Venemous Villains finally launched in the states a couple of days ago.  We here in India have to wait for another two months before the collection launches (but well, nothing is ever sold out here so thats a plus), so i think thats enough time to make your wish list .I am a blush hoarder so im just going to go ahead and show you what i feel about the blushes/beauty powders launched in the Venemous Villains collection 

MAC “Bite of an apple” blush from the evil queen collection. Its coral, its peach , its apricot, i havent seen anything quite like it in any collection , it almost looks fluorosocent , so i CANNOT miss this one out and i feel a lot of people are going to feel this way- pic from
MAC “Darkly my dear” from the Cruella collection .I wasnt drawn to this blush till i saw the swatches at temptalia- its not how brown it looks in the pan- its an earthy , warm colour which is going to be great for indian skin. Swatched, it looks like an earthy peach- a darker version of Color bar’s ” Just earth” perhaps? I shall link temptalia’s swatches at the bottom and you can check it out.
MAC “Oh so fair” beauty powder from the Evil queen collection- I might give this one a skip. I dont think theres anything that very special  in it. Reminds  me of of MAC “Well dressed” or any other baby pink blush, plus this is so light im pretty sure its not going to show up on me -pic from

“Briar Rose” beauty powder from the Maleficient collection.Very Very pretty rose colour- another great colour for both warm and cool skin tones- It does remind me a bit of  Bourjois “Rose de Brune” or maybe MAC “Pink Swoon” , though this is a bit darker and on the more purple side-i think i will skip this cos though  its definitely a nice shade , i think dupes for this one are going to be relatively easy to find.- pic from

I am slightly dissapointed that these 4 are the only blushes/beauty powders in the MAC Venemous Villains collection. In such a large collection, i expected atleast 2-3 blushes more. Come on , Disney villains like flushed cheeks …no? I really do wish that the ugly step sisters from Cinderella were part of the collection- would have been fun to see how MAC artists interpret their bright bold and garish looks. Also the Queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland-i think she could have inspired some amazing lip sticks with her heart shaped bright lips.Anyhow, now begins the long wait of two months for the collection to launch in India!

You can see the full collection with swatches below:

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