Aishwarya Rai all made up by
Mickey Contracto

If there is one makeup artist who is responsible for transforming Bollywood beauties from their almost dragqueen esque makeup of the ninetees to sultry sirens that they are today- its this man. Make up artist, now collaborating with MAC, i am a huge fan of his work and artistry. He is the one who does all of Aishwarya Rai, Kajol, Rani, Kareena, Katrina, the list goes on. So when i came across his favourite products online, i kind of went like OMG i need all of this!!

Lip Pencil in Spice

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Mineralize Skin finish-natural
Black Track Fluidline-I own this !

Zoom Lash Mascara

Lip pencil in Plum

Carbon eye shadow

Follie eye shadow
Goldmine eye shadow

    Powder blush in Sincere
    Powder Blush in Gingerly

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