Two totally unrelated things in a single post , but bear with me cos both things i super love.
First of, i swatched all the maybelline color sensation lipglosses i could find at my nearest store. I prefer the lipglosses to the lipsticks in the same range. I dunno why, but i always find myself drawn to these glosses rather than the lipsticks- im not so much a lipstick person anyway.

Clockwise from bottom left: Cranberry Cocktail, Pink Perfection, Plumtastic, Hooked on Pink, Sugared HoneySugared Honey and Hooked on Pink are my personal favs and for those who can carry off bright red lips, i think Cranberry Cocktail is a super super shade. Highly Recommended glosses.

Moving on to the second part of the title of this post. If you live in Delhi, and havent yet had a taste of Big Chill Cafe’s  Bannoffee Pie, you have definitely missed out on something! It is the most amazing dessert  ever made with banana and toffee . Now before you  go ” ewwww banana” and close this screen, let me tell you i hate banana’s myself. I dont want to hurt its feelings but i feel its a waste of a fruit. Inspite of that i LOVE this dessert and i recently came across a super simple recipe and i had to try it.
Ok , so a little disclaimer before i begin- Im one of those  girls whose cooking gene is missing.  I think the gene fairy replaced my cooking gene with a shopping gene and so the thought of going into a kitchen and cooking something completely bores me out. I do however, love making desserts, and so i always look for the super simplest recipes to go ..and this is one of them. Enjoy!

1. Take 400gm can of milkmaid (condensed milk) , put the entire can without opening it  into a large vessel filled with boiling water. Boil for 3 hours (Yes 3 hours people- just forget about the can and go do other stuff- only make sure that the water doesnt dry out – there needs to be water in the vessel always). You do this because 3 hours of boiling apparently turns milmaid into toffee ..Who knew!
2. Crush 250 gm of digestive biscuits and mix with 3 tbsp of melted butter to make a ‘cheesecake type’ crust. Put this crusty mixture as a layer at the bottom of your pan.Rerigerate
3. Take 3 bananas – cut them up very very finely and put over the crust.
4. Put the toffee (boiled milkmaid) over the bananas.
5. Put whipped cream over the toffee
6. Dust with cocoa powder, grated chocolate and whatever else catches your fancy
7. Refridgerate for an hour

There it is ..Bannoffie pie is ready..yummm 
Did you notice theres no sugar in that recipe? The milkmaid is sweet enough to compensate more than enough for any sugar you need and putting no sugar gives me a nice psychological satisfaction that what im eating is healthy!

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