This has been quite a weekend- starting with Friday -where i decided to brave all the madness and attend the Vogue Fashion Night Out at Emporio Mall.It was insane !!! Sooo many people- and we had to park at basement six- six levels underground!!! Eeks!  It was supposed to be an event with some killer sales, and charity bag auction, specialized t shirt sales and celebrities and all that jazz. I didnt see no killer sales (5% off on Ferragamo just doesnt count), and no charity bag sales.The t shirt sales were aweful 100Rs t shirts being sold at 500 Rs !

 I did see some celebrities and a lot of that jazz !
There was Jacqueline Fernandes, all the indian designers from Tarun Tahiliani to Suneet Verma, and Bips too made an appearance. So on the whole – dissapointing from a shopping perspective, but great fun from an experience perspective. The excitement was contagious ! Sadly, my camera gave up on battery and i didnt click anything  :(  

BUT !!! I did run into a fellow blogger- Srish from Stylefashionetc!!. It was so exciting meeting her at Zara !!! She was really sweet but we  totally forgot to click a picture cos i was in a mad rush- i was with family and they were waiting for me at a restaurant…so had to hurry, but she does have some pictures from the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2010 on her blog  so you can check them out there !!
Anyway, one thing i must mention was that every girl inside Emporio seemed an Aisha Clone.. Im not kidding- the same Chanel handbag (held at a perfect 90 degree angle), the same bow headband, and an outrageously expensive designer dress!! I felt completely underdressed for the occasion- hello -i was just dressed for shopping :( . Vogue Fahsion Night Out 2011- i shall be better prepared, though i would still never want to look like an Aisha Clone- there needs to be some originality!!!

What im wearing:
Inner vest :Primark , UK (Gifted)
Shirt: Street Shopping in Delhi – INR 250 (5$)
Jeans- Street Shopping in Mumbai INR 900 (18$)
Baby pink Belt with gold buckle :Primark, UK(Gifted)
Bag:Street Shopping in Delhi INR 500 (10$)\

I love this bag- its instantly adds an interesting touch to any outit 

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