I am having a but of a giggle typing this, Because my nails are reminding me of those glittery nailpaints i wore when i was thirteen. Kind of loving this little rewind experiment. The 2 nailpaints in question here are from “Flormar”. Remember the lipgloss i bought from this brand? They were quite cheap at Rs 70 (1.5$) per bottle. The one on the left is a shell purple with a silvery shine to it and the one on the right is a glitter bomb purple colour. No shade names mentioned so cant say.

 Im super impressed with the shell purple one- goes on so easily. You need 2 coats to get the colour on the bottle, but the paint is really thin and non clumpy and doesnt chip either. Its just a great quality polish thats a breeze to apply. The glitter one is a different story altogether. Its just a clear polish with some purple and silver glitter particles. Its really thick and does tend to chip . Plus you cant wear it on your own, your have to use it as a layer. Anyway, im not complaining too much cos these are just ‘weekend’ nails for me. Cannot wear these at work..no no !

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