Shopping experiences at Ambience Mall: MAC India needs an attitude change!!

by mehak on September 8, 2010

in Ambience Mall, MAC

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I have been to pretty much all M.A.C stores in Delhi,  and  to a couple of M.A.C stores in UK as well. Obviously, being a new-ish brand in India, i dont expect the sales staff and the MAC MUA to be as good as the ones in UK, however i do feel like MAC stores in most malls in most  of India are doing a fairly decent job. All barring one- MAC Gurgaon (Ambience Mall).Being the closest mall to my house, i frequent this place a lot and have always had a bad experience. I adore MAC products, so i cant really stop shopping there because the product is so fantastic but im so dissapointed with their sales staff.

Firstly, noone really pays any attention to you unless you look over 30 and walk in with a Louis Vuitton on your arm . You are pretty much left on your own.
Secondly, its short staffed – most times iv gone, there is only one MAC MUA to cater to 5 customers.
Thirdly , the MAC MUA seems so busy doing her own makeup- she seems oblivious to other customers. One particular instance i found an MUA drawing some random glitter tattoos on her ankle. Its good that i have some MAC staples in which i know which shade i am and i dont need any assistance with, otherwise i would have never bought anything from this store.

My sister had recently gone to go and purchase a MAC MSF, noone came to help us choose which shade of MSF is suitable, how one MSF is different from another etc. I had to go and personally ask the sales woman to assist us, and she didnt do it with a smile on her face.  Had the same experience when i went to buy a cream blush , I had to wait a good 15 minutes before getting any kind of service.And when i did get the service, the MUA was not as knowledgable as i hoped her to be, she didnt make any recommendations- it was just me who was choosing what seems a good buy I expect MAC MUA’s in India to have indepth knowledge about Indian skin tones and know what products suit Indian tones. I understand that at times a lot of teenage kids enter MAC stores in India and they just play around and buy nothing, but i expect MAC to understand the difference between  a genuine customer and a kid.Also, just because a customer is not spending ten grand at your store does not mean that the customer is not a valued one!.Me and my sister left empty handed, and i purchased the same products from MAC at Promenade, VK and the sales staff was so nice and friendly- they informed me about all the features , about Back to MAC, offered application tips etc! So MAC, Gurgaon- you definitely need an attitude change.

Anyhow, after MAC , me and my sis went over to Clinique. Love their sales staff. They are so super friendly and helpful there. And also immensely knowledgable. You really feel like sticking on and buying stuff there. I picked up my staple kajal pencil from there and had a bit of a chat regarding skin products with the sales staff. The Dior store inside debenhams was nice too, even though me and my sis were actually behaving like kids in that stall- swatching everything and spritzing every perfume- the girl was very patient with all of us and was smiling and friendly.
Must also mention the staff at NewU which is my favourite drugstore to buy any kind of cheaper make up products. Great staff, they are not intrusive but are very helpfiul and always come up with alternatives in case a particular product dissapoints you. Also, there is so much variety in that store and the displays are so well put together- its fun shopping! I picked up 2 nailpolishes and a compact powder from NewU and had i stuck on a bit longer im sure the NewU sales women would have convinced me to buy a lipstick or two!
The girl at Body Shop was nice too, she offered to test all the products on me and explained everything in detail. I picked up a foundation and a bronzing shimmer from there and they even managed to sell me their membership card. Thats called good sales service!!

How about you guys? Which store would you say have the best and worst sales staff?

UPDATE: The staff at MAC , Ambience Mall has changed now and is now a pleasure to shop with. I dont know the new SA’s name, but she is sweet, friendly and yet non intrusive. :) :)

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Anonymous September 28, 2010 at 11:49 am

Hi, i just stumbled across u'r blog and wanted to share my 2 cents. MAC MUA attitudes are pretty much hit or miss the worldover. When i lived in the US, I became addicted to MAC thanks to the MUA at my local store who was really sweet, helpful and a true expert in her craft ( MAC only hires professional make-up artists as SAs). Each time i would visit, she would spend hours trying various looks and finding products that worked for me…her recos were always bang-on. The other MAC stores in my city had employed the witches of eastwick ;-) so i never ventured into any of them for fear of being knocked over by a flying broomstick! I've also had great to snotty to downright rude encounters at London; NYC; LA; Zurich etc. When i moved back to India in 2008, i found the MUAs here were pretty ditzy when it came to product range/ USPs/ upcoming collections etc. Yes, things have gradually improved and of the 3 MACs i frequent, i find the MAC at Debenhams Ambience Mall G'gaon to be the best. Infact i find the service at Saket to be spotty – and i've walked out several times due to lack of service. As for the VK one, the MUAs are sweet but beyond that – zip – they never call back, and are pretty clueless about things i've asked about. But at MAC G'gaon i have always had a wonderful experience…from rushing over to see if i need help, or giving me space if i'm just browsing; calling me before a collection launches; giving samples of products i want to try out; locating a sold out product at another MAC store. Yes, i am over 30. But no i don't carry a designer bag. Infact most often when i've been there i've looked like i've been pulled backwards thru' a key hole…in sweats and a tee and i have never been treated any differently. The MUA i deal with is Reeth, so maybe the next time u visit, ask for her. Hope this helps.


Mehak September 28, 2010 at 8:15 pm

Hey, thanks for such a detailed post!!!. I shall look up Reeth next time im there. I was there last sunday with my sis and the same thing happened- noone came forward to even ask us a "Can we help you". Plus again- only one MUA to cater to customers- even another customer had to go up to her and ask "Can someone help me out please".
Im glad you had a great experience at MAC, still looking for my first good one!


Network Monitoring November 11, 2010 at 4:23 pm

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Bulbul May 2, 2012 at 11:28 am

Hi, I have a similar experience in Gurgaon store. I have come across good staff as well there but on my last visit the BAs were complaining that they are so tired and applying make up on each other and clicking pics. No kidding. When I inquired about concealer the BA told me; “Why do you need concealer when you apply foundation?” Pathetic.


payel August 13, 2014 at 1:32 pm

MAC gurgaon’s S.As are really pathetic. They are always busy amongst themselves and short staffed. They need to change their attitude too. They have this air about themselves which I absolutely detest.


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