A couple of months back, my first cousin got married.This was one of those “long courtship” marriages where there was a 2 year gap between the engagement and wedding. Now, in a punjabi family  , that equals  two years worth of discussions about clothes, jewellery, shoes, makeup  just for that one week of dancing, eating, crying and drinking and ofcourse the small matter of the actual wedding. Anyway, so the cousin in question is actually one of my closest sisters, my best friend, my ex-roommate  and so much more (Love you aaru!), and i was doubling up with excitement just waiting for this. I quite pitied my dad and brother all this time because my mom and me were acting like shopaholics on LSD.
 I think i now have a PHD in wedding clothes/ lehengas/ outfits in the Delhi Region, and i actually managed to get my sarees for quite a bargain! Yes as mentioned earlier im a bargain queen. I stuck to net sarees for the wedding and the reception( If you’v got it, i think you should flaunt it in net ;) ), and salwars for the mehendi and other functions . The wedding saree was a  champagne pink coloured net with scattered sequins and  a heavy silver border and the reception saree was a totally modern lime green net with a bright funky hot pink on the border. Both were totally cheap! This one was for 5500/- which- is  very affordable for an outfit u can wear to your sisters wedding!
I went to a Lakme parlour to get makeup done (believe me- being the brides closest sister equals a lot of running around and having no time for getting ready yourself) and i was actully super impressed with their makeup artist- she was brilliant!. The photos just came in so thought id share them with you, The annoying photographer has put his contact details in bold across the snaps which is so annoying (thats cos we havent yet chosen which ones  from these we want to get printed- i want all of mine obviously!). I was so zonked out running around in the wedding that i have no clue what the MUA put on my face. Its a mystery iv been trying to unravel cos she made my skin look like porcelain- will share once the mystery is over- im halfway there! Also, if any of you makeup geniuses can figure out which MAC blush is on my cheeks, or which MAC eyeshadow is on my eye please tell meee…i have no clue what went on my face except that it was MAC and i want it all!
Anyway, while we are on the topic, i recently got to know about this site called www.stylishdesi.com which is a place to buy and sell pre owned or brand new bridal wear (cool idea eh?). So you can browse stuff to purchase, or sell some of your old stuff that you might have outgrown, size or otherwise. They have a limited collection as of now, and the saris are not completely my style but the some of the salwar kameez’s are honestly quite pretty and different from what usual indian wear websites sell. Also, im really curious about the selling part- i think there are so many outfits that become tight for us, or we just wear once and forget about it. This may be a good option for those . Do check them out at www.stylishdesi.com


I Figured out the mystery behind the makeup ..this is what the MUA used on me:
  1. Foundation & Concealer: Kryolan Dermacolor(For big events, this is a god send..makes your skin look like porcelain!!!) . Its professional makeup used by all tv artists
  2. Eyeshadow: MAC Paradisco
  3. Lip: MAC Prr Lipglass
  4. Blush: I think it was Peachy keen 

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