Eyeshadows are quite frustrating to master. We get carried away by all those magazines and the colours the models carry off and we end up buying a whole lot of colours that are totally unflattering on us. Specially if you have brown eyes and brown skin, like most indians do then finding the right colour can be a bit of a pain. Anyway, i have been playing around with online makeover tools  (SO FUN !) and i thought it would be a great idea to see eye shadow colours on brown eyes and skin side by side so we know which ones make our eyes pop!

Green eyeshadow: GO WITH deeper shades of green for brown eyes, AVOID light ones
Ivy greens work well with Brown eyes and skin making them look deeper while lime greens stand out and  are unflattering against skin
 Purple Eyeshadow: GO WITH ALL -Works well any which way with brown eyes
Shades of purple , lilac and burgundy are very flattering shades for indian skintones and brown eyes. The purple sets off stunningly against our skin and enhances the ‘brownness’ of the eyes. Purple shadows make eyes look a lighter brown than they are
 Blue eyeshadows: AVOID all the pale blues- GO WITH Navy’s
Pale blue eyeshadows like the one above dont do anything for brown eyes- except making them look slightly cold and hard.Navy Blue eyes however work well
Gold eyeshadows: GO WITH ALL- Works well any which way with brown eyes

Gold eyeshadows look gorgeous on brown skin. They lift up the skin tone and brighten up your eyes. Do make sure that you have a true gold and not a pale yellow though
 Light Pink Eyeshadow/ Pastel: AVOID for brown eyes and skin !!!
AVOID AVOID: It looks chalky and artificial and blah!
Blacks and Browns: GO WITH ALL- Both fantastic with brown eyes and skin

Black eyeshadows are stunning on brown eyes and skin. Smokey black eyeshadows look mysterious and dramatic and they dont look as overpowering as they can on lighter skin. Brown eyeshadows look soft and natural on brown skin

To cut a long blog post  short, according to me-

Go with:
Gold, purple, darker shades of green/blue, black and brown 
Light Pinks, Light blue’s , pastels and light greens.

I  hope that helped some of you. I have had some majore eye shadow mishaps when i have looked like someone has boxed my eye in ! So i had to learn the hard way !!!

For those of you asking- nope thats not me in the pictures- its a model from the online makeover tool that iv been playing with- expect a lot of such pics, im obsessed!!!

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