This is the back
This is the front
Two  weeks back, me and a friend of mine went to the Forever 21 store in Ambience Mall, New Delhi. Now, i was just helping out a friend of mine choose her clothes inside the trial room when i saw this aunty walk out in the  most amazing little black dress ever- It was classy enough  with  all the lace detailing , and it was short enough to look edgy and trendy .Now,  she was doing ‘Hmmm Haan i dunno’  in front of the mirror cos she felt it was too small a size for her and she needed medium ( I mentally agreed).  So at this point i couldnt resist asking the aunty if i could try it on as well. She very sweetly agreed and so i did, and yknow how like sometimes you try on something and have a ‘Hallelujah’ moment ? Thats what it was!. The dress fit me like second skin – i walked out and 2 of the SA’s stopped , turned and told me i HAD to buy it.. and i was like yay!!!!

 That was until i saw the aunty- ahem. Now the aunty suddenly was in love with the dress and wanted it back (classic case of wanting something someone else wants). There is NO polite way now of telling an aunty that she needs a medium, honestly what do u tell her- sorry it looks better on me?  sorry you need a bigger size ? I cant be that rude ! and to be fair to her, she did spot it first  and the first rule of shopping is that the one who spots it first gets it …so i grudgingly let it go…
Okay so why did it want to go home with me?

  1. Clue number one : When i handed it back to the aunty , the dress got caught up in my bracelet and it wouldnt let go of me! that was the first sign
  2. Clue number two: On my way out of the dressing room , i had a full body collission with an SA who dropped the clothes she was carrying- what fell out..THAT dress..except it was not my size :(
  3. Clue number three: At the checkout counter, the aunty was 3 people ahead of me and she was actually returning something and buying a ton of stuff in exchange. Well, apparently she went over the limit and realized she wanted to take something out, so she takes out my dress  says ‘I dont really need another black dress i guess’ and keeps it on the counter. At this point of time i yelped like a squirrel/ hyena/ alien and literally leapt to grab it!
And thats how i got this little beauty home. I so love how the stretch fabric hugs you from the bottom (not recommended for heavier hips) and the lace is so pretty on this. I think the full zipper down the back adds a little extra edge to it, and though its short and tight it doesnt look trashy. I love bodycon dresses!
I  havent yet found an occassion to wear this so no pics of me, (also i thought it would be rather silly to get dressed up and photograph solely for blog purposes, though i have done that in the past) but expect an OOTD on this one day for sure. BTW this cost me 1900 Indian Rupees / 40 $ . I think thats pretty affordable price for a dress

PS: I have now realized that if the woman in question was reading this she would be highly offended that i called her aunty!  No hard feelings!!!

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