I love Inglot in India. Love the stores, love the sales staff and love the products. Its one of those quality brands that are also quite affordable. So when i decided that i wanted to be adventurous wth my concealer and stray away from my absolutely favourite and must have MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer i knew i had to give Inglot a shot. So i got the ‘Inglot under eye concealer’ , since that is pretty much the only area i need concealer for.
Now , its very very hard for any concealer to match up to my MAC studio sculpt because of the heavy coverage it provides, the only reason i was looking for another one is because the MAC one is heavy consistency and settles into lines under the eye and its not that moisturizing. So the aim was to find a concealer with the same coverage but easy to apply consistency.

So this is the breakdown for the Inglot Under Concealer

The good:

  • Texture and consistency: This is the best part of the concealer- Very lightweight and easy to apply under the eyes. Its smooth and the consistency is thin and runny so its light and blendable .It doesnt settle into lines under the eye in creases.
  • Colour: I was quite surprised at how well this colour matches me. It has a yellow undertone which matches my skin and is exactly the colour i wanted .I am an MW5 in this and an NW 30 in MAC
  • Coverage: Medium to high, i have extremely bad dark circles. I mean i literally have panda eyes, and this manages to cover it up to a decent extent – its still not as good coverage as Studio Sculpt but it does pretty well on the coverage front
  • Moisturizing: AMAZING I have very dry skin and all concealers would aggravate that dryness. This doesnt do that at all, its very moisturizing and doesnt result in skin looking stretched and dry. Definitely a keeper for winters
  • Staying power: Quite impressive. It lasted me a good 8 hours in office and didnt budge even when i wore it out at night.
The bad:
  • Uneven coverage– I find i have to work with this quickly to get even coverage. Otherwise its heavier in certain areas and lighter in others. I havent found the best way to apply it as of now. Im just using my fingers but the end result is not quite an even coverage . So then i need to go over it once again so its a bit of a bother.Any ideas for better application are very welcome
  • The tube thing is a big big pain, i keep squeezing out more than i really need. Specially because this is a runny consistency. It oozes out too easily even without squeezing and wastes a lot of product. I hate that !

Other Info:

Price: Rs 700/-
Other variants: Comes in 10 shades. Also, Inglot has 4 other variants of concealers (Cream concealer,AMC Corrective illuminator, AMC Cream concealer, Perfect concealer )
Will i repurchase: If i can find a way to apply this evenly, i shall repurchase and use this everyday in winters because my skin is so dry right now,that the MAC one isnt helping at all.
Final Verdict :I would give this 4.6/5 . I would give MAC 4.25/5

UPDATE: The best way to apply this, like Brenda has rightly mentioned in the comments below is with a damp brush. fingers just wont work, and brush will be better but with a damp brush , this is amazing.

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