MAC Cream Blush in Lilicent  is one of those blushes that immediately sparks off a head vs heart debate in my head. My heart says buy it , cos its a matte peachy pink and i love those kind of  blush colours. My head says leave it, because i already own too many of these kinds. Well, as is apparent my heart won this time, and the reason i told myself was that i didnt have any peachy pink cream blush- they were all powder ones. Slightly lame excuse, i know…but oh well..whats done is done and i am now the proud owner of the MAC Cream Blush in Lilicent.

So, at first when i got it home i thought MAC Cream Blush in Lilicent was kind of similar to  MAC Powder Blush in Peaches. Its not showing in the pics but in the pan they both look kind of similar, but they are actually nothing alike. MAC Lilicent has more of  a brown -pink undertone tone to it whereas MAC Peaches is a bright pop of orange.  MAC Lilicent gives you a peachy pink glow, with just some subtle amount of warmth because of the brown undertones. Lilicent  is also much lighter   and it doesnt give you any obvious pop of colour- just a  subtle hint of dewy peachy pinkness to your cheeks. Im actually quite enjoying the change from powder to cream blush because of the whole dewy look on the cheeks.

MAC Lilicent Texture
Texture wise, i was a bit wary of MAC Cream Blushes because when you swatch them in the store- they appear all sticky and difficult to blend. So i always skipped on them. Dont make the same mistake !  Because in the store what happens is people swatch the cream blushes with the cotton cue tips and the cream blush mixed with the cotton cue tip over and over again just ruins the texture of the ones n the store. In reality, the texture of MAC Lilicent isnt  very sticky, its smooth and goes on in a breeze. Full marks to staying power as well, though i do feel that powder blushes last longer on me than cream blushes.

MAC Lilicent colour 

Left : MAC Cteam blush in  Lilicent, Right MAC Powder blush in Peaches

MAC Lilicent left, MAC Lilicent blended on right

I am adoring the colour on Lilicent- It has some earthy pink tones to the peach  which work really well with my skintone and possibly with most other indian skintones as well. One thing that i do feel about MAC Lilicent is that it might not show up on darker skintones- because i need to work it in for it to show up on mine, Im an NC 35 (possibly thats because im not using a brush).  Ideally, you should use a brush like the MAC 188 or some stippling brush with it, but i dont own one so fingers will do as of now! So im not going to recommend it personally for people with much darker skin tones.

Have i become a cream blush convert? I think im halfway there…im loving the dewy cheeks look. I think its PERFECT for winter when your skin is dry and flaky and you want that candle-lit sort of subtle glow..

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