I am not a MAC Frost Lipstick fan. I am more of a lustre/ glaze girl but i am completely in love with this particular one- MAC  Frost Lipstick in Lame  I actually bought this by accident- i wanted a different one and the MAC store messed up and gave me this one instead- but i didnt complain cos ultimately liked this one better! MAC Lame is not your everyday lipstick- its for those days when you want that extra pinkness and sparkle to your lips perfect with nude/ subtle gold eyes.
MAC Lame lipstick 
MAC Lame Lipstick Colour:
Swatched with flash
Like most MAC lipsticks, Lame is highly pigmented. I would describe it as a rose pink with bits of gold shimmer in it. Because this has some warm caramel undertones, it works well with Indian skintones without looking overly pink.The gold sheen on top of this is so pretty  you can notice it in the swatch, and this is one of those lipsticks that i would probably wear in spring/summer time more often because the colour just reminds me of those bright sunny months. When i want to tone down the colour, i wear MAC Lame lipstick over a chapstick and it transformed into a barely there pink- nude with shimmer. Its a great colour to wear with traditional outfits as well and goes with all those pink/peaches/ golds that you would have in your closet
MAC Lame Lipstick texture & staying power:
Swatched without flash
I find that frost finish lipsticks are more drying out than lustre/glaze so this is slightly drier than Lustre finish. that is not to say that MAC Lame is a dry lipstick- it is moisturizing, just not as moisturizing as Lustre finishes. For staying power, MAC Lame earns 120/100 because it lasts very very long without wearing off. 
All in all, MAC Lame is one of my favourite frost finish lipsticks from MAC . I have had this for a while now, and whenever i wear this im asked about it.I have no clue why they would name this Lame though- there is obviously nothing lame about it!!

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