I was at the MAC counter the other day, and was looking for a blush with some shimmer in it- to go with more traditional wear, something that you can wear to weddings and more formal functions like that. I happen to own mostly matte ones. Anyway, so I  swatched  MAC “New Vibe” Blush from “In the Groove”  collection. Here in India, we still have In the Groove on (So annoying!)

Its a part magenta, part orangey-rust looking blush with gold shimmer in it. Individually the magenta is a bit overpowering for me , but the rust is absolutely stunning and mixed together its really gorgeous too and the colours would look good with all the indian wear that i own. I didnt quite make up my mind about this since i am cutting down on my purchases, and MAC is not exactly easy on the pocket. So wanted an opinion.To buy or not to buy?

It is really pretty isnt it? Looking at the swatches of New Vibe is kind of tempting me .Worth spending that much money on though? Can you guys think of a dupe for this one?

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