I have been very into the whole navy smokey eye thing lately. I think its an interesting alternative to the usualy black smokey eye or silver smokey eye . So this is my  Navy Smokey Eye of the day for you guys. I actually wear barely any makeup during the day and most of these “eye of the days” are for sole purposes of this blog, so people in my family  find it very amusing that i get up and put on makeup , click pictures and then wipe it off  when i have to go out !

This is actually a really easy look to do. I used Maybelline Quad in “Sapphire Ice” for this look along with a regular black kohl pencil .The trick is to apply the  black pencil/crayon all over your top lid on the outer corner side and then put blue over that so it looks naturally smokey. Then you dont have to worry about blending and crease lines and stuff like that..

Moving onyesterday evening, my mom and me went to see the new Bollywood movie “Anjana Anjaani”. We originally planned to see “Wall Street 2” but after hearing some mixed  reactions, we decided to skip it. As usual, i reached the ticket counter just at the time the movie was starting and asked for tickets
The ticket sales guy was like “Maam yr going to get second row from screen”. I am obviously not fond of getting a neck sprain so i was like “Are you suuuure theres nothing else”,well  he didnt budge so i requested him to check the next show and told him ill b back in 2 minutes after confirming with my mom. So i came back in 2 and saw that the guy i had spoke to was busy with some other clients and the guy next to him is beckoning me excitedly. So i go to him and ask him for tickets for the next show- and he tells me almost as if hes telling me a secret “M’aam how would you like to watch the movie from the top row- in the current show”. That is obviously a dumb question because the answer is quite obviously a yes, but i pretend to play dumb and give my biggest smile and say “Really?? Is that possible ? I would looovve that?”. 
Boy looks mighty pleased with himself and quickly rushes and gets some stuff arranged and discreetly passes me the tickets. Keeping the whole spy movie theme going, i discreetly pocket them and flash him a thumbs up sign. Boy looks super pleased, I feel super pleased because i just got the best tickets in the hall for the current show! Boy says “Only for you maam”. I think “Okay getting  a little creepy now, lets get outta here”.

I cannot really review Anjana Anjaani for you guys because
  • I love romantic comedies so i will be hugely biased towards this
  • I love Ranbir Kapoor-  even more so when  he is  getting a girl breakfast in bed and is parading around in umm…barely there vests  (yll know wht im talking about when you watch the flick), hence again i shall be biased
All in all, i totally enjoyed the movie – there were some laugh out loud moments and the couple just sizzles on screen – the chemistry is unbelievable. It has some really nice music (Dheemi Dheemi) being my favourite, and Priyanka Chopra looks very very chic in the movie. I want to own her whole movie wardrobe!  If you are a rom-com fan i would say go for it !

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