Okay “needs” is an exaggeration, lets just say these are 4 blush types i think its nice for every girl to have. As of now, my  collection contains possibly 3 of these 4 blush styles. Do let me know which of these  styles you own and what are  your must haves

1. The “Pick me up” Blush

Beyonce wearing a bright fuschia – instant pick me up
This blush is for those days when your skin (and you) feels dull and sallow and lifeless. Its for  the morning after a late night party, or the day where nothings gone right. Its the blush that will add instant brightness and colour to your face, making you look all happy and flushed.  These are those shades of pink , peach and coral which make you look..well happy!
Examples:MAC Blush in Peaches ( A bright happy orangey peach and my go-to blush), MAC Blush in Fleur Power ( A bright bright hot pink), MAC Blush in Peachtwist (Shimmery peach)

2. The “Girl Next Door” Blush

Aishwarya Rai
-quintessential girl next door

Are you a girly girl? Even if you aren’t there are always days when you want that innocent and pretty ‘English Rose’ look. This is the time when all the soft shades of pinks, and peaches come to the rescue.
Examples: MAC Well dressed, Maybelline Dream Mousse in Peach Satin, Bourjois Blush in Brun Cuivre, MAC Blush in Springsheen, Colorbar Peachyrose

Megan Fox- in a shimmering sultry blush

3.The” Im a Temptress” Blush
Good Girls finish last they say and this is the kind of blush which will definitely not make you look like a ‘good girl’. This is the bronzey gold blush (most likely with  some shimmer) which gives you the sun kissed golden goddess look. 
Examples: MAC Margin, NYX Terracota, MAC Tracegold

4. The “I havent got any Blush on !” Blush

Serena Van der Woodsen sometimes
wears warm
earthy shades like “Colorbar Just Earth” 

Calvin klein once said “Its best to look natural. But it takes makeup to look natural”. I wholeheartedly agree and these soft, natural shades make it look like your cheeks are naturally flushed. Choose dewy soft pink ones , or earthy warm ones like Serena Van der Woodsen- the less obvious on skin, the better it is!
Examples:  MAC Cream Blush in Lilicent, Colorbar Just Earth Blush, MAC Tenderling, 

As far as my collection goes, MAC Peaches is my ‘pick me up’ blush, Bourjois Brun Cuivre is my ‘Girl Next Door’ Blush at the moment, and MAC Lilicent/ Colorbar Just Earth is my “I havent got any Blush on” Blush. I still dont own a temptress blush but a little package scheduled to arrive from cherry culture might just change that!
What are your HG’s for these categories?

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