I cant believe that it took me so long to get my hands on Colorbars Peachy Rose. See, for the longest time, iv been eyeing Benefit Coralista, and recently ASOS had a free shipping offer so i nearly ordered that, but then Cynthia’s post here showed me how similar Colorbars Peachy rose was to Benefits Coralista, and i decided to save myself a lot of money and go with this one instead, and im glad i did because im in love with it

Colorbar Peachy Rose Blush : A soft peachy coral
The colour on this is a very soft peachy coral- it gives a very natural rosy flush when put on the cheeks , yknow like the kind you get after an hour of exercising :p. This is one of those ‘girl next door ‘ blushes for me, when i want that pretty english rose look, like just a touch of pink has kissed my cheek. It has some slight shimmer in it, but nothing that stands out – infact it just gives a nice sheen to the cheeks.Its a very pigmented blush, so people wouldnt have trouble or it to show up on their aces

Colorbar Peachy Rose Blush+ MAC Cream Blush in Lilicent= A match made in heaven

My favourite way to apply this is to layer it on top of MAC Cream blush in lilicent. The cream blush 

provides a sticky base for the powder blush to layer on top of, and the dewyness of the cream blush shines through peachy rose. Since colorbar blushes dont last too long, this is the best way to make it last longer as well

Colorbar peachy rose- worn lightly

Price:Rs 250/5$

Overall Verdict :4.25 /5 – Love the soft glow it gives, wished it lasted longer on its own too
Other Variants: Colorbar Just Earth Blush, Colorbar Cosmic Rose Blush and a couple more
Would i repurchase: I wont run out of it but i will if i do

Who i would recommend it for:NC 45 and below can wear it easily with the colour showing up, much darker skintones might want to test it out in the store first

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