Hi Everyone, I had been toying with this idea for a while but now iv thrown caution to the wind and done it. Introducing- The Ultimate Blush Guide. What is this you ask? Its an editible excel sheet of any blush that i , you or anyone else has tried with links to longer blog posts and swatches and little snippets about recommendations etc.

Why i need you help
The idea is to go in there and add any blush you want to, you could have reviewed it on your blog- just put in the link in the link box and add a few comments. If a blush is already listed there- no worries go and list it again . The point is to get as many reviews for a particular product so that people who are looking for a specific product get a holistic view of the product.
I know that i am usually searching all over the internet for swatches when i want a blush and finding out about reviewers with similar skintones so i know its tailor made for me. This will hopefully make it a little easier for anyone searching for a blush review! So go ahead and add as many blushes as you want to.

A little warning to blogs that i follow:
Over the next coming months, i am going to be scouring your blogposts about blushes, and (if you havent already put it in) i shall be listing down that blush with a link to your post in the Blush guide. (Ofcourse i shall contact and ask u before i do) I wont be adding comments cos thats a personal thing that only the original reviewer should add. But atleast a link i shall be putting in. Incase anyone has a problem with that, then let me know and i wont link your blog post :)

I am well aware that this venture could fall flat on its face, …but ill take my chances, because i know that even if i could get a few people to fill it in it will greatly simpify every blushaholics life!


PS: For future reference- view the “Ultimate Blush guide” tab on the top.

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