So i jumped on the bandwagon, and got myself the hottest new trend in the Indian blogging community- the Lakme Earth Rose trio Blush. – tada! Iv been wanting it ever since the gypsy collection was announced and then i first saw it when Rashmi from indyabeauty  contributed it to the Ultimate Blush Guide , and then  finally NewU stores across Delhi started stock this little gem so i knew i had to get it. The blush is so pretty to look at, i didnt even want to touch it honestly. I was afraid im going to ruin the earth roseyness of it… That to me, looks like melted creme caramel with strawberry sauce swirled..or maybe im just hungry..

The Lakme blush  trio has three shades – a golden honey colour, a chocolate brown and a gorgeous soft rosey coral. My favourite way to wear this is to put my brush right into the center and contour my cheekbones, and then apply the rosy colour to the apples. Even when all three in the Lakme Earth Rose Trio Blush are swirled together its a lovely combination that has a  lot of depth.

Swatched lightly- sorry for the mediocre swatches- i didnt want to ruin it !

All blended together (left)

This blush is seriously  stunning- its great for giving depth to your face as well as a giving a nice terracota -esque rosey glow that will suit every indian skin tone. I shows up very easily and is one of those girly girl blushes that i love without being overly pink.If you want to see better swatches as well as a face swatch of the Lakme Earth Rose trio then head over to Cynthia’s blog – it looks stunning!

Price: Rs 600/- (15$ ) – It could have been cheaper , but i didnt mind paying this much.

PS: Contrary to what i felt, the colours dont get jumbled up if you use it with a brush. They stay put…if youwouch it wth yr finger, the texture begins to ruin, but with the brush its all good

Update: This doesnt have very great lasting power on me. Goes off in 4 hours

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