Aaah..Lush! Love that store -I was there the other day, looking for a conditioner . For the longest time ever iv been using my “Herbal Essences Hello Hydration” Conditioner which smells like heaven, but i wanted to try out something new and i thought what better way to start than with Lush. The SA in the store literally forced me to buy this- i really wanted to try the American Cream Conditioner but he was like no- this is the one for dry curly hair, so i let him decide it for me (Mistake !!!)

What Lush Claims: Coconut conditioner for dry, curly or processed hair.  Our Coolaulin conditioner has a load of coconut milk and fresh coconut flesh to make dry, curly and processed hair soft and shiny. Exotic, Eastern essential oils of vetivert and benzoin gum calm irritated scalps. It’s been with us for eleven years and is still going strong.

See, i have dry and curly hair – both  words which were used on the bottle so i figured it was meant for my kind of hair so it would be definitely do it some good

What i liked about the Lush Coolaulin Conditioner
  • Seperated out my curls and gave me defined ringlets (Loved that)
  • It didnt feel heavy on my hair and didnt way it down- so no build up

What i didnt like about the Lush Coolaulin Conditioner

  • It smells aweful. Honestly, i love coconut scents , i am a complete cocoa butter girl  but this has only a whiff of coconut and mostly it just smells like….hay ! Thats the closest i can think of
  • It didnt do anything for dryness . It was not moisturizing enough at all
  • My hair tangled even after using  this – usually conditioners will make my hair easy to comb through, this one didnt
  • Hair didnt feel soft or smooth 

Other Info:

Price: Rs 410 for 100 gm (which is very little)
Will i repurchase: I doubt it.. Please gimme some conditioner/ moisturizer recommendations from Lush, i wanna give it another shot!
Final Verdict:  C   If your hair needs moisturization like mine does, this aint going to cut it

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