I havent written about this blush because i felt there were already so many reviews and views done on this earlier and i thought it was a well documented fact that MAC Peaches is probably one of the best MAC Blushes out there . But then, my blog would have been incomplete without paying tribute to my HG blush- the MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches.

For the longest time i had no clue what HG meant. Then i google searched ‘What does HG mean in makeup’ (dumb !) ¬†and then i realised- aaah..Holy Grail! And this was the first thing that came to my mind when i thought of my Holy Grail Product list..

MAC Peaches colour
A true peach is how MAC describes it and i agree. This has no tones of pink in it. It is a completely bright peach blush with orange undertones. Once it graces your cheeks- it gives an instant ‘pick me up’ factor and brightens up your face. I love it so much for those days when i and my skin are dull and depressed, this is that instant pop of colour that makes me look alive and happy.

MAC Peaches Blush Swatch- Left Unblended, Right Blended

MAC Peaches texture
MAC Peaches is a sheertone blush, and like all MAC blushes, its pigmented and the pigmentation is buildable. Also its a dream to blend , i always find it easier to work with sheertone blushes – i can blend em in my sleep !




Who would i recommend it for?
Any one with a skintone  lighter or equal to NC 40 can carry it off with ease. For people darker than that, you might need to test whether it shows up on your skin. Its one of the best everyday MAC blushes for indian skintones IMO..

Whats your holygrail blush?

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