I have been pretty spoilt when it comes to Make Up Removers. A relative gifted me the MAC purple bottle one, and thats the best makeup remover iv ever used and everything else just pales in comparison. This cute little bottle caught my eye on the Maybelline counter (Love that adorable heart shaped bottle) and it was just Rs 125/- (5$)  so it was worth giving a shot ! This has two liquids- the blue oil that floats on top and the clear liquid on the bottom.
For the money i paid for it, im quite impressed with what it does, See for yourself:

Left to Right: Waterproof Mascara, Maybelling 24 hr lasting Gel liner, Purple and gold eyeshadow
One swipe- nothing much happens
Secind swipe- Maybelline 24 hr gel liner is still there, rest is clean

Third swipe- Squeaky Clean

Overall this is what i like about Maybelline Makeup Remover:

  • Removes eyeshadows, lipsticks , lipglosses and most eye liners very easily
  • Is opthamologically tested and i can tell, because its very gentle on the eyes- I have sensitive eyes and it didnt irritate me
  • Doesnt break me out or cause my skin to become stretched
  • Also works decently on face makeup like foundation etc
  • Love the bottle- its cute !

This is what i dont like about  the Maybelline Makeup Remover:

  • It doesnt work too well on smudge proof kohl. I used Cliniques Quickliner for eyes, and it took me a good 6-7 swipes to remove it. To give it credit though, most makeup removers lose the Clinique Quickliner battle.
  • It dries out on the cotton pad a bit quickly, so i need to put some more again and again.
 Overall Verdict: 3/5 – Great budget option for a makeup remover
Will i repurchase: Yep! , 
Price: Rs 125/- for 40 ml
Other Info: Dermatologically and opthamologically tested

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