Do you girls like Neon Nails? If the answer is yes then you will love this particular shade (09) from Ambika Pillai’s Hard Candy Range. I am on the fence with this one. I am quite boring and safe when it comes to nail colours so i dont know whether i love it or i think its just okay. The ‘hard candy’ range costs INR 250/5$ a bottle and the quality is pretty good and chip resistant- atleast this one is..This colour is such a barbie doll bright neon pink that none of these pictures have done the neon-ness justice. It really is very very bright.

The annoying this about this range is that it takes a while to dry and i am extremely impatient. The result: A disastrous combination of wet nailpaint getting all over my fingers. 

Looks like a soft gum pink without flash

Much more accurate reflection of the colour

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