I am a complete duh-brain when it comes to gadgets. Android and symbian just sound like amoebic creatures to me, and im the kinds who will go to a laptop store and say  “I want a blue laptop with the latest features” , having no clue what the latest features actually are . But when it comes to fun gadgets like these, i get slightly obsessed. This little beauty is a hair curler/ waver/ straightener all rolled into one.

Presenting the Philips Salon Multi stylist- it does everything you would want a personal stylist to do !
Not only does it curl, it creates ringlets,  waves, beachy loose curls or super straight hair. The 5 attachments given above are ones that come with it.
1 & 2. Hair tongs to keep your hair back
3.Curling attachment for wide ringlets or waves
4.Thin curling attachment for tight curls
5. Hair straightener
The rod itself comes attached with a wider version of attachment 4 which is great for ‘S’ shaped curls. And all of this comes with a very convenient blue bag to put it all inside. 

Why i love the Philips Hair Curler:
I have used the ringlets/ wave making thingies a number of times and have been blown away by how good this thing is. I have fine hair but this creates solid curls that last and is so easy to use. Iv done loose waves, iv done tight ringlets, iv done ‘S’ shaped curls- it all works

Why i dont love the Philips Hair Curler
One thing i dont like about the Philips Hair Curler is that the straightener doesnt work on my hair. The device is quite wide, and i have fine hair so i need a narrow and slim one to work…this doesnt work on me.

Price: Rs1995/- (40$)
Will i recommend it: Yes! It has cut down on me going to the salon by half. I just whip out my gadgets and start working on what im in the mood for- waves, curls or ringlets. You can actually create all these looks with a single curling rod as well, if you are a seasoned hair curler .There is a different way of holding and positioning the rod to achieve the different styles,and that will require another post altogether, but the single rod is for Rs1300/- and just for 700/- more you get so much so its value for money

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