I think Aishwarya Rai looks stunning on the cover of Elle. Understandably so, she has been made up by the Guru of makeup in India – Mickey Contractor. Matte peachy beige on lips, winged eyeliner, upswept hair and sculpted cheekbones. The makeup is  understated,  fresh, classic and elegant..

 As for the controversy part-

 Fans have said that elle is being racist by portraying ash 2 shades lighter and whiter than she is. Honestly, fashion shoots are creative avenues and i dont understand the big deal. I am the first person to stand out against the whole fairness hype-i would rather bein the skin im in right now than be a pale ghost , but the shoot was obviously trying to channel the whole porcelain doll look of the Victorian Era – complete with flouncy layered Gowns by Rohit Bal.    The same way you can argue thats not her natural hair- its coloured so you are not depicting the true colour of her hair either…Its a stupid controversy if you ask me, its the photoshoot directors creative liberty.

Isnt her lip colour looking stunning? Peachy brown nude- Looks so much like MAC Peach Stock Lipstick or Maybe MAC Honeylove. I’m going to go check em out in the store tommorow.

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