Best Blush for Indian Skin – Vol 1

by mehak on December 24, 2010

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A couple of weeks back, i had started the “Ultimate blush guide”. It was an online sheet which provides links to swatches of every blush that i you, or anyone  else has tried and creates a snapshot recommendation. Well, over the past few weeks, many of you have dropped by to put in your two cents and links, many of you had allowed me to post your blush links , and many of you had just applauded the effort from the sidelines. Thanks to everyone for that.

Currently, the blush guide has 50 blushes  on it (not a huge number, but a significant one nonetheless). What I’m listing down below are the most recommended blushes by you guys in that blush guide.

Since most of the reviewers were indians, this edition is the best blush for indian skin (ranging from NC 25 to NC 45). Once it reaches another significant milestone, ill do another one

Most popular blushes for indian skin are:

1.Lakme Earth Rose trio Blush
Price: Rs 600/-
Recommended 4 times by (Click the links below for each review):

2.MAC Peaches Blush(Click the links below for each review)
Price: Rs1140/-
Recommended 3 times by 
Anonymous reader

3.Mac Fleur Power Blush (Click the links below for each review)
Price: Rs1140/-

Recommended 3 times by
Ppolitely Pink
Anonymous Reader

4.Colorbar Peachy Rose (Click the links below for each review)
Price Rs250/-
Recommended 3 times
Anonymous reader
Indian Vanity Case

5.NYX Glow (Click the links below for each review)
Price Rs243/- (bought via e-bay)
Recommended twice by
Indian Vanity Case

Other recommended MAC blushes for indian skin were (Click links below for each review); 
MAC Plumfooolery by indyabeauty,
MAC Style Blush by indyabeauty  ,
MAC Sunbasque by glitterglamourgrace ,
MAC Melba by ppolitelypink,
MAC Pinch Me by indianmakeupway,

Other Recommended Bourjois Blushes for indian skin were (Click links below for each review):
Bourjois Brun Cuivre by Peachesandblush
Bourjois Amber’ dor   by Politelypink
Bourjois Lilas’dor by addictedtoblush

Other Recommended Colorbar blushes for indian skin were (Click the links below for each review)
Just Earth by peachesandblush
Plum Brown  by Shoppingaholic

Check out the full version of the Ultimate Blush Guide, with all links and reviewer skin shades here. Contribute your link to it, or just read the existing ones ! 

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bhumika December 24, 2010 at 12:25 pm

agree with all…esp the lakme desert rose trio,colorbar peachy rose n just earth,nyx cream blush in glow and natural too..evn the new MAC bite of an apple from venomous villains collection is pretty n wud suit indian skin tones..wud review and add that..


P&B December 24, 2010 at 3:09 pm

@bhumika- yaaa review it please..hav been dying to buy it


shoppingaholic December 24, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Hey Mehak!! How you doing? I got Elle 18 Color Bombs in Sector-25 main market. I'll send you the updates if I find more. Happy weekend.



Summer December 24, 2010 at 9:53 pm

congratulations! 50!!!! How exciting :) I love your website.
Come visit me, doll! And follow if you'd like on Bloglovin or GoogleConnect.



Rachelle December 24, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Great site! and awesome advice
Check out Runway Rundown


AMN February 18, 2013 at 8:01 pm

Hey Mehek! Could you do an updated version of the same article? Some of these blushes are not available in the market now. Would love to know the latest ones for Indian skin tone.


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