Have any of you guys  rushed out to buy a  particular nude lipstick seen in a video/on a celebrity/ heard from hype , only to find that it looks like concealer on your lips? If yes, then im guessing you are a medium or an olive skin toned girl. Finding a decent nude lipstick that does not look like concealer or like you are a dead ghost  is one of the hardest things to do . Case in point, MAC Myth- one of the most talked about  and hyped lipsticks of the category- i totally hated it. It looked dry and artificial on me, like i had some disease or something. Post that debacle, I have  done some experimentation with nude lipsticks and these are my picks for the best

Best Budget Nude Lipstick : Maybelline Color Sensational in ‘Totally Toffee’:  

Adore this one, its a nude  pinkish beige colour, but it has some mild caramel and warm pink undertone to it so it sucks out the colour of your lips but  doesnt wash out your face. Its hard to describe a colour except that it looks like the colour of toffee,  possibly the perfect nude for NC 30- NC 45 skin. Great worn with smokey eyes on its own if you want a stark nude , or i just like to wear it under a gloss for every day  milder nude lipstick.

Picture courtesy google images

Best Pink Based Nude Lipstick :MAC Hug Me 

Absolutely love this. If i were to recommend u a nude, this would be it.This is a pinkish nude- so not completely a true beigey nude. But  its one of my favourite MAC lipsticks out there. Goes very well with both warm and cool skintones. It really  is a flesh toned color, and goes on natural on me- slightly lighter colour than my lips and a perfect nude for those who are afraid of those beige nudes that can be  washing out.

Velvet Teddy

Best Peach Based Nude: MAC Velvet Teddy
Velvet Teddy is a warm peach lipstick by MAC, and is a fantastic nude for darker skin tones who get washed out with other nudes. It has some warm brown undertones to it that complement brown skin, and the colour is a beautiul apricot deep peach. Great or smokey eyes as well

Midi Mauve- Picture courtesy google images

Best Brown Based Nude Lipstick: MAC Midi Mauve
This is the kind of lipstick that gives you a ‘my lips but better’ look to your face. It just matches your lip colour, so its a nude in that sense, it doesnt suck out the colour from the lips but its a fantastic everyday option as well as a decent one to pair wth smokey eyes. If you want a beige nude though- the kind that takes of any colour of your lips..this isnt for you…

Clinique blsuhing nude

Best Brown Based Nude Lipstick2 :Clinique Long Last in “Blushing Nude”

I dont know whether this will classiy strictly as a nude. But hey, thats how clinique describes it so im going to trust it on this. This isnt a beige based colour, its a soft warm brown based colour with a rosey pink undertone. This is an HG product for me- it doesnt wash me  out, but just polishes up my pigmented lips and gives them a smooth even wash of rosey caramel. Its actually, the exact colour of my lips, so its great for everyday wear. Not something i would necessarily pair with smokey eyes though because its got a lot of life on its own.

Those were 6 of my favourite nude lipsticks. Tell me yours please !

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