Small eyes , present a challenge to do makeup on because with no makeup , they might not look prominent on the face, and with the incorrect amount of makeup, they can look even smaller! Hope this little guides helps those  readers who have contacted me and  want to know how to apply makeup for small eyes. All the simulation has been done using an online makeover tool. And our nameless model today is the same one featured in the eyeshadow colours post here  – lets call her girl with the small brown eyes..

Eyeliner for small eyes

  • Avoid lining the inner rim of the lower lashes .
  • Line on the outside of the lower lash line, leaving a gap between the liner and the lower waterline. 
  • For an even brighter wide eyed look- line the inner lower rim and inner corner with white eye pencil. This gives an instant wide eyed look (not shown in pics here)

Small eyes lined on top and inner bottom

Small eyes lined on top and outer bottom– eyes appear bigger
Small eyes lined – with thicker liner extending outwards

Eyeshadow for small eyes

  • Avoid dark colours- they make eyes look smaller . Avoid- dark browns, blacks, navy blues etc
  • Wear lighter shades that reflect light to make eyes appear bigger- shimmer is a good option. Go with lavenders, golds, silver, cream, light browns, soft greens, etc
  • Always highlight the brow bone (the area just under the arch of the eyebrow), with a light colour (white/silver etc). This draws attention to your eyes.

Darker shades recede the eye further

Lighter shades reflect the light and make eyes stand out

Mascara & Eyebrows for small eyes

  • Apply heavier coats on the outer lashes and softer to the inner lashes (same funda as the extended liner)
  • Shape Eyebrows so that they are thicker in the middle and thinner on the outside

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