Yesterday was my moms birthday. My mother is the kind of person, whome it is virtually impossible to buy a gift for. She has very specific choices, and refuses to tell you what she actually wants. Its always ‘ dont need anything baby !’  This time i knew she was out of her Body Shop Moisture Foundation so i got her that. Then i headed to MAC and liked a few lipsticks- but as is always the case with the MAC store near my house, it was sold out.Infact the SA told me ‘All MAC brown lipsticks are sold out” Huhhhh???

Anyway, i ended up getting this Lakme Lip palette as well for her because i figured hey, its not possible for her to hate all 5 shades right? 

Lakme Lip Palette Swatches: Bottom to Top Corresponds to Left to Right on the Palette

Bottom to top in the swatches , and left to right on the Lakme lip palette this is what the shades look like:
A burnt Amber colour  – Great for those brown lipstick fans
A pink toned brown – One of my favourite colours, very natural looking on your lips
A rose pink– My favourite from the Lakme lip palette, its one of those earthy pinks which look great on indian skin . Finding a good pink lipstick is hard !
A terracota colour– Hmm, not sure about this one, the orange undertone didnt really go well on my skin
A deep berry red– For those  of you who dare to wear red , this is a nice deep red option. Might go well with ethnic wear as well.

Texture wise, i cant say that the lipsticks on the Lakme Lip Palette are super moisturizing   but theyr definitely not drying either . So texture wise, somewhere in the middle- good  but not great.

Would i buy this againOverall, I would’nt buy the Lakme Lip Palette for myself because i dont wear too many browns, i stick to pinks and nudes but this has all the colours my mom loves wearing, and she absolutely adores it. Also, if you want to try out a bunch of different colours, without spending a fortune, this might be a good option for you
Price: Rs 600/-

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