The tartan tale collection was finally launched in New Delhi today. (Venemous Villains has been launched too- another post on that later). Here are some pictures and what i recommend from this collection

The eyeshadow kits(top), the face kits (middle and bottom), and the lip kits(right)

Hark the Heraldry Face Kit

A triumphant blush face kit- my favourite
Individual plaid eyeshadows, her blooming cheek blush and lipsticks/glosses

Overall, if i had to pick out my favourite items from the tartan tale collection these would be them:

  • MAC A triumphant blush face kit- contains Melba, Peachtwist and Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder. Great for all you peach blush lovers. The 3 tie up so very nicely
  • MAC My highland honey blush– Gorgeous orange peach shade. What can i say? Im a peach blush fan. If you own MAC peaches though, you might want to skip this. Theyr very similar
  • MAC Reelers and Rockers eyeshadow kit– Contains a pearly white, a matte black (carbon),a peachy gold, a true molten gold and a coppery brown. They have a metallic shine to them and have endless combinations possible

These were the ones that didnt impress me :

  • Her blooming cheek blush – I thought it was tooo bright and limiting honestly
  • The lipgloss kits– too sheer and tiny amount of lip glosses
  • Dazzleglasses Cremes– too sheer. People wioth pigmented lips (like me) wont enjoy em too much

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