After all the delhi beauty bloggers grumbled and complained of how MAC launched Venemous Villains in  Bombay a week back, the makeup goddess seems to have listened to them and launched the venemous villains as well as Tartan tale collection in Delhi Today . BTW, Venemous Villains was launched at approximately 3-4 pm, and within 3 hours, most of it was sold out  so hurrry get all the stuff that you want..

Dr faciliert- The beauty powders (top), and the magically cooling powders

Maleficient- The stunning duochromatic nail lacquers (top) and the 2 mineralized eyeshadows
I think these evil queen products deserve better display!!

Venemous Villains has been sort of shooed over by Tartan Tale . There are huge posters for  tartan tale and an entire section devoted to it, but Venemous Villains is lying on the side in little containers feeling sad and unpretty :( . MAC, please show some love to Disney!

A little update on availability: 
  • Gurgaon has not launched Venemous Villains yet. They will be launching it in the next couple of days, whilst all of Delhi MAC stores have launched it
  • A little something i noticed, none of the “Cruella de ville” products were displayed or available.I dont know whether those are not getting launched, or its just that they were’nt displayed yet. 
  • Also, within three hours of the launch, most of what i wanted from VV was sold out, so hurry to your nearest MAC Store and get it

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