I dont usually post tutorials or eye makeup looks on my blog, cos honestly i dont really think iv reached the level of artistry that so many of you have and i cant really do all the gorgeous things all you lovely people do . But well, tutorials and looks are my favourite kind of posts and i had been ignoring them for so long, i thought i should give it a shot.

 Purple  Smokey Eye Step 1: The cheats step

It involves taking any black pencil and smudging it all across the outer half of your lid, This creates a dark base for any further eye makeup you put on top of it, and so you get that darker dimension on the outer eye just by doing this and not worrying about blending the different kinds of purples together.

 Purple  Smokey Eye Step 2: Wash of Purple
I took my Coastal Scents 88 shimmer pallette and chose a medium toned purple. I took my brush and washed it all over the lid. Notice how the outer edge of the eye immediately looks darker without any sort of blending of the eye makeup

 Purple  Smokey Eye  Step 3: Deepening the Crease & the finishing touch
Next, i took a smokey deep  purple  colour from the pallette. This has tones of charcoal grey in it. I put this in my crease and on the outer corner. I then put a thickish line of Maybelline Gel liner on my upper lash line and my clinique quickline on my lower lash line. Finished with Clinique lash doubling mascara

Final Result

 Products used:

  • 88 Shimmer Pallette
  • Maybelline Drama Gel Liner in True Black
  • Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
  • Clinique Quickliner in true black

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