Classy&Fabulous from PHD In Fashion asks:

“Hey i have a post to request,i want a good bronzer. which will actually show and i can use it to define my cheekbones. u did the whole how to NOT apply a bronzer with aish example but now i need some good bronzer suggestions. i have a MAC bronzing powder A34 but its not really working for me i dunno why. any suggestions?”

Hey C&F!!
Okay, so i am not someone who uses bronzer regularly so ill admit im not the best person to answer this question. I am currently using a Bronzer from my Estee lauder Blush & Bronzer kit which is just okay.  However here are a few bronzer tips for contouring:
  • Get a bronzer that is matte , if you want to use it for contouring. Any shimmer will not do.
  • Use the back of your hand as a match when testing for bronzers 
  • While applying bronzer to define your cheekbones, imagine a perfect oval inside your face. Now the part of the face that lies outside of that oval needs to be ‘bronzified’ (Is that a word). This means  that part of your cheekbones, and your jawline that falls outside that perfect oval .(MAC MUA taught me this- they are so smart!)
  • Some good affordable matte options for bronzers are simply darker blushes- I have colorbars plum brown blush , which can double up as a bronzer quite easily for some skinshades. 

Hope that helped a little and did not confuse you more !!

Do you guys have any suggestions for good bronzers for her? She needs them for contouring her cheekbones. Any tips you wanna share?

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