Get your credit cards out girls, because Forever 21 India just went on a whopping ‘ upto 70% ‘ off sale. Yes, sadly its “upto” and not “flat”, but somethings better than nothing right? Anyway, in case you havent got the time to go check out the stuff, iv got you covered for I went on a bit of a clicking spree inside the store .( I called it OBS – obsessive blogger syndrome). This is part 1 of my post and it has all the accessories i loved – which coincidentally are my favourite part of the shop! Enjooyyyy, and i really wish Forever 21 opens in all major cities of india- everyone deserves to get a taste of it.

Forever 21 India clutch
Heart Shaped Clutch with thin silver long chain- Rs 450 (I think)

 I am loving the long chained purses these days. You can sling them across from your other shoulder, and this heart shaped one is adorable and fun . Hint to boy ” Valentines day is approaching”….

Most of the accessories below  are at 15-20% off btw,the prices mentioned below are pre discount prices. Also  the major discount ison clothes- i shall cover those in the next post.
I love forever 21 for their blair waldorf style headbands. The headbands cost anywhere from Rs 150 to Rs 350/- pre discount. 

 Who likes bows? I do, and possibly ever other girl who watched Aisha does. These are sooooo cute (My mom thinks they are meant for 3 year old- i disagreee!!)

Bow clips- adorable! Rs 190/- before discount

My most complimented piece of jewellery is my owl pendant necklace i got from Forever 21 , and though the owls were missing this time, they have some other friends from the zoo- check out these statment pieces

Forever 21 India necklace tiger
Tiger pendant necklace.roaarrr

Forever 21 India necklace pendant
Elephant pendant necklace Rs 350/-

Stack of rings Rs 160/-

 How cute are these two blingy pouches. I would carry this just on its own, and tuck it inside my larger bag. Put some change, a lipgloss and my mobile. 

These boots are such a steal at Rs 2000/- . Plus i think there is a 15% off on these so they will cost even lesser. All boots i like these days range from 2500 upwards, so i definitely think these are great buys

Forever 21 India boots
Boots- Rs 2000/- I think thats super affordable !

 Long, stringy chains !! I loveee them. The first picture has chains which are thin and delicate with little beads and mirror and stuff. Great for layering on top of your casual outfit to make it dressier. The ones on the bottom are ‘love’ pendant necklaces. Dont miss out the mint green bow one which says “lovely”. I have an aunt in canada called “lovely’ (not thats not her real name- its her nickname). I think i will get her the lovely necklace for a laugh. HAHA

Dangling delicate chains- Ranging from 250- 350 before discount

Forever 21 India
Love chains- Rs 300-500 approx

Feather earrings !!

 I didnt like too many of their bags to be honest. I feel like they need to get more colorful and experimentative with them. Rest, i am a huge forever 21 accessory junkie! 

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