You are 15-19, you havent started earning and yr mommy/daddy wont spend a grand on a MAC product for you! Forget spending, they even dissaprove of you using makeup at  all. Sounds familiar? It does to me, because not so long back i was one of those girls with a teeny tiny budget and getting overwhelmed with the choices available…Hopefully, this may help those of you out (Nishita, Sarah & Amanat- all you girls who e-mailed me)…


When yr young, i dont think you need to cake on foundation. Given indian heat, and the fact that teenagers in India spend 90% of their time frolicking around  markets and travelling in tuk-tuks to catch the next movie (atleast i did), foundations are just going to melt away …Go with a tinted moisturizer for everyday wear. Some affordable options are:

Ponds Tinted Moisturizer  : Rs 275/- (I cant live without this , this is my skin saviour!)
Lakme Silk Naturelle Foundation: Rs 275/-

Lakme Daily wear Souffle (It didnt work for me, but i know my 18 year old sister loves it):  Rs 99/-


One of the quickest ways to add a bit of fun to your makeup before heading to college is to use coloured eyeliners. Stock up on these- theyr so useful..either just as a kohl pencil on your lowerlash line, or as an eyeliner on your upper lash liner, or just smudge them across your eyes as an eyeshadow. Some affordable budget options are

  • Colored liners:

 Lakme 9 to 5 defining eyeliner  : Rs 250-275/- 
                                                      Suggested color :Purple, Sapphire, Jade, Black
 Colorbar I glide pencils Rs 325/- 
                                                     Suggested Colors: Electra, Prunella, Jaded, Cocobar
Avon Glimmer sticks  Rs 229/- (Can get them for cheaper during avon offers)
                                                      Suggested Colors: Majestic Plum, Starry Blue Night
Elle 18 Eye Dazzlers : Less than Rs 100/-

  • Kohl Pencils

 Color bar Kajal : Rs 99 /- 
 Lakme Black Satin : Rs 150 /-
 Lotus  Herbals Kajal : Rs 115 /-
Elle 18 kohl : Rs 40-70/-

  • Eyeshadows

I like to buy my eyeshadows in pallette form so i would recommend you get one of the following from They have free shipping, and they sell the same pallettes that coastal scents sells but without the CS brand name, and hence much cheaper

Pro 28 Warm Pallette- Rs 500/ (Has 28 neutral eyeshadows for a total of around 500 Rs)
78 Eye shadow Pallette – Rs 500/- (Has 78 eyeshadows of different colors)
Maybelline Quads are also good options but they lack pigmentation

  • Black Eye Liner

Lakme Insta Liner : Rs 100 ? (Not sure, about this- i bought mine for 50 bux long ago, but i think they raised the price) Its my go to eyeliner. Been using it since i was like 17
Maybelline Gel Liner :Rs 325/- ( Good for upper lash line, will cause irritation  if used on lower lash line like kohl)

You may not wear blushes everyday, but i am a blush- fiend. When yr going out at night, a quick pick me up for your skin  is that instant pop of color on your cheeks.

Maybelline NY expert wear : Rs 195/-
                         Suggested Colors: Berry Sorbet, Apricot Flush (love this)
Color bar blushes:  Rs 250/-   (LOVE these!)
                        Suggested Colors: Peachy Rose, Just Earth,  Cosmic Rose
NYX Blushes: Rs 250/- (If bought via e-bay)
                        Suggested Color: Dont own any of these so cant suggest colors.You might want to  check out the Ultimate Blush Guide here for NYX recommendations
Maybelline dream matte mousse blushes: (If you dont have sensitive skin) Rs 195/-
                        Suggested Colors: Peach Satin(If yr fair), Soft Plum
Jordana Blushes : Rs 149/-
                         Suggested Colors: Sandalwood, Terracotta

When i was a teenager, i never wore lipsticks. I used to think ..’lipstick…ewww, that is so aunty types!!’ But well, i realised now that once you find the perfect color- they are must haves in your makeup pouch

  • Lipsticks

Colorbar  Velvet Matte Lipsticks  Rs 225/- 
                         Suggested Colors:Smokey Rose (Havent tried others!)
 Maybelline color sensational Lipsticks Rs 275 /- (LOVE these)
                         Suggested Colors: My Mahogany, Totally toffee, Warm me up, Hooked on Pink

  • Lipgloss 

Maybelline color sensational Lipglosses 
                          Suggested Colors: Hooked on pink, Cranberry Cocktail, Touch of toffee
Maybelline Watershine lipglosses
                        Suggested Colors: Coral Sunset, Strawberry Quartz

  • Lip Balms (Used to stock up on these- so handy to have inside yr college bag)

Nivea Fruity Shine lipbalm :Rs 120/-
Lip ice sheer color balm : Rs 190/-

Vega Brushes: Rs 40/- for an eyeshadow brush
Babila Brushes: Rs 90/- for an eyeshadow brush (Dont laugh at the name lol – you get em in big bazaar and its one of the best brushes iv ever used for eye shadow)
QVS Brush Set : Rs 320/- for a kit of 5 brushes( These are just okay, nice to travel brushes, nothing great)
Body Shop Brush kit : Rs 600/- for four (I realllly like these for the price)

I missed out on a few things like Mascara because i have limited experience in Mascara’s- i use Maybelline Collosal volume which is affordable as well as effective. In general, i like Maybelline Mascaras a lot. Also i skipped on powders because i dont think teenagers need powders and stuff- but those of you who do then Lakme perfect radiance multi mineral compact is a good one.Oh and i really wanted to add dollar amounts as well, but i got reallly those who want to know the dollar amount 45 Rs= 1 $ approx. Please calculate, sorry for the laziness.

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