Flormar Glittering Star Eyeliner
My family makes fun of me saying im a hopeless bargain addict. And if something is on sale, and is cheap i will pick it up even i  dont need it. Case in Point-‘Flormar Glitter Star Eyeliner Pencil’.  A navy blue pencil liner with specs of gold glitter in it…

Swatched in Natural Light

I thought the shade on this was quite unique for the price i paid for it and i love sparkly things for the eyes so i got it home. I you are wondering what the hell flormar is…. if you are in india and have been to a NewU store, you might have seen this dunked in those plastic shelves amongst other eyepencils by the similar brand . Yes , i love things dunked together in corners- it only means they will be cheap and on sale..* shame face *

Swatches of some other colours in this
Left to Right: Light Blue, Glitterng Blue, Matte Grey, Matte Blue, Glittering Green, Glittering Blue, Black
Overall this is What i like about it

  • I love the colour on the one i have- a nice deep blue with gold glitter, understated enough even to wear it at work
  • It is long lasting and lasts around 6-8 hours.
What i dont like about it
  • It is really scratchy and not soft on the eyes at all. I think the glitter makes it grainy and rough – the matte pencils in this are quite nice and apply smoothly
  • The nib of the pencil is not  very sturdy. It keeps needing resharpening and falling inside the outer casing

Overall Verdict: 2.5/5

Price: Rs 130/-

Will i Repurchase:No, its not soft on the eyes and hence not easy to apply.

Recommendation: If you want an understated navy blue glitter pencil, the colour on this is nice. But quality wise, its quite terrible .  I should have known- anything dunked in the corner of a shop is bad quality !

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