Notice our lovely Aishwarya’s face carefully- specifically above the eyebrows. Notice the bronzer making an inverted v between the eyebrows and around the temples as well as on the hollow of her cheek bones? Its like its some sort of pattern forming on her face !! THAT is bronzer applied with a heavy hand and at some of the wrong places! Tsk Aishwarya- looks like your makeup artist was in a big hurry !

So what is the right way of applying bronzer? 

Chitrangada Singh is probably the best made up actress these days. Her  makeup is perfect !! Light feathery touches of bronzer in the hollows of cheekbones, and some slightly around the temple. If you look closely- a light whiff on it on the jawbone to . Its the “3E” concept( wink!) . You put bronzer on the temples,  the hollows of cheek, and jawline creating a 3 on onse side and an E on one side

DISCLAIMER: The above pictures have been taken from .I dont claim ownership

Oh and to the person calles Sa****** whose comment i just deleted- yes, the 3E concept i learnt from Elle Fowler. I never claimed to have owned it, or  invented it- . Neither does she (google it) , i am simply sharing it with my readers just like she did with her viewers. I dont feel i owe you or any other person an explanation for this but since you insist on behaving like a 2 year old- check the comment box below- i said i got it from elle…..and since you obviously are not very smart- there is obviously a reason for the wink after 3E..jesus…..for those in future who insist on writing derogeratory or mean or uncalled for comments towards me or other readers , dont bother. Your comment will be deleted and IP shall be blocked. My blog. My rules.

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