Yay, Lip Ice launched in India – Wait  i dont know what  lip ice is… That was my immediate reaction when i first saw Cynthia from IVC post about it here. Her enthusiasm was contagious so i was like yayy, but i had never heard of lip ice before! Well,  her post tempted me enough to go and buy one of their lip balms and i got this particular  one  which i like to call my ‘ Jadoo balm ‘. (It might be used in the next munni song- you never know!! ;)  Psst. jadoo means Magic for those not well versed in Hindi

lip ice balm
Lip Ice: Looks like a regular balm

So why do i say its my Magic Balm ?. Well see that vaseline looking white balm on top- you would think that it just goes on sheer like regular balm But nope it doesnt. It changes colour within two minutes. So you put it on, and then you stare in the mirror for five minutes (thats not necessary- thats just what i did), and it turns into a pink lip balm …like a natural soft tint to the lips. I have no idea how that happens- but im happy!

2 min after lip ice

It contains Vitamin E, it glides on smoothly and does a decent lip conditioning job. Apparently continued use makes lips less prone to darkness , but i wouldnt know that because its only been about a week since i got this.

What is there to  love about it

  • Goes on clear, then changes to a subtle pink .
  • All naturall ingredients of Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ternifolia Nut Oil, and Aloe Vera Oil Extract 
  • Contains contains Vitamin E, to help prevent darkening of lips
  • Me likes the packaging. nice roll up and roll down mechanism in a cute pink tube- handy!

What i dont love

  • Does wear off after a little bit-but then most balms do..
  • Whats with the tag line? “Nice girls pray, lip ice girls prey”. Tacky !

Price: Rs 190/-
Where to buy it: New U stores 
Variants: The color changing one comes in strawberry and natural . The one i have is natural. Apart from this they have regular lip balms in different flavours too
Overall Recommendation: When you are rushing out of your house for college or work, keep this handy!!

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