MAC Cosmo Lipstick is my favourite MAC lipstick from all those iv tried. Two reasons- one it is a ‘my lips but better ‘ lipstick and is one of those brown pink lipsticks that look great on indian skintones. Two, is because of a little incident that i shall describe later. For now, enjoy the gorgeousness that is cosmo…really girls, if i had to pick a lipstick from MAC that would flatter all indian skin tones – it would be  this one.

MAC Cosmo lipstick
MAC Cosmo Lipstick 

MAC Cosmo lipstick Swatch
MAC Cosmo lipstick swatch
MAC Cosmo is an amplified cream lipstick  – which is one of my favourite finishes in MAC lipsticks. They are super creamy to apply and just a little bit on your lips spreads them out to cover your lips in a nice rosey color. 

Cosmo is a  warm rosey pink  with peachy brown undertones and looks stunning on warm and darker skintones . Very natural and soft. It will look just as stunning on cooler and lighter tones as well- its one of those universally flattering colors that are hard to get a hold of. When i dont know what lipstick i wanna wear, i reach for cosmo. Definitely my favourite lipstick from all those that iv tried from MAC so far.

MAC Cosmo lipstick Lip swatch
MAC Cosmo Lipstick swatches: Top 2 pics: Without flash. Bottom : With flash.

So the second reason i like this lipstick is because on a particular date with ‘the boy’, he was mentioning how he hated girls with too much makeup. He said something to the tune of 

“Ugh, i hate girls who put on too much makeup. I mean  how do guys kiss girls with all that gloop on their lips. I’m so happy yr not the kinds who wears lipsticks on your lips- like even right now on a date, you havent slathered on lipstick”..

Umm..cough cough, i had actually slathered on cosmo but i smiled sweetly , batted my lashes and said ‘Ofcourse sweetie, i know what you mean  totally’…

Overall Verdict: A+ (The first 5/5 on P&B)

Price: Rs 990/-

Will i Repurchase: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Recommendation: Adore this colour. If yr confused about which lipstick to buy from MAC. Close your eyes and get this one. It is flattering for everyone!


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