MAC Mehr is the most flattering pink ever ! Seriously, for all of us girls who cant carry off those blue based pinks, and on whome those barbie doll pinks look clashy and garish- Mehr provides a welcome relief. It is a gorgeous soft warm pink which will suit everyone from the fairest of fair to the darkest of all. It is currently my obsession and i plan to wear this every day for work..

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I almost feel like this is the pink iv been searching or all my life- Pink with a slightly caramel undertone, but still  bright and pretty enough to be called pink. Thank you mickey contractor for creating this-  i know this is a pink that so many indian women can finally carry off

I had to put three pictures cos it looked different in all!
Overall this is what i like about MAC Mehr lipstick
  • Prettiest, most flattering muted pink ever. It will suit everyone
  • Richly pigmented – people with discoloration on their lips can put this on and forget about discoloration- ot covers everything nicely
  • Great lasting power. I have this one for about six hours now and it hasnt budged
  • It gives a very natural flush to the lips- not the kinds that stands out and screams-‘I have pink lipstick on’, but the kinds which says ‘Hello, i have pretty pink lips’. Does that make any sense?

Overall this is what i didnt like about MAC Mehr lipstick

  • Mehr is a matte finish lipstick by MAC- if you are not used to those then it will take time to get used to how they glide on- theyr not very creamy to glide on like amplified cremes or lustre finishes. Also, they are not as moisturizing as lustre finishes either- something you may want to know before hand

Overall Verdict: 4.75/5

Price: Rs 990/-

Will i Repurchase: By the time i get done with this, MAC & MC would be over which is kinda sad and i wont be able to. Had this been a permanent product i would have definitely repurchased

Recommendation: Buy it now !!! If you are indian skin , this will look great on you, but even if not , then it will look great on pretty much all warm, cool, light, to dark skintones. It is seriously the most flattering pink ever.

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